Everything you need to know about the UNiDAYS Quiz

What is it?

A daily quiz exclusively for UNiDAYS members. Expect drama, expect excitement, expect that sweet taste of victoria, and that bitter pill of defeat. But most of all, expect quiz questions.

When is it?

Everyday at 12pm! We will also be running some bonus quizzes at different times so keep your eyes peeled for the quiz invites!

What happens if you win?

You win a prize! The top 2 quizzers for each game will be provided a secret code, submit the code on the UNiDAYS Quiz Prizes page and you should receive your prize within a week!

How do I play?

Join the UNiDAYS quiz program to receive notifications whenever a quiz is about to start, alternatively, you can check the UNiDAYS Quiz page for the link to the quiz 10 minutes before the start of every game.

How many players are in the quiz?

We currently have a maximum capacity of around 500 players per quiz so we encourage players to get in early to avoid missing out. We are working hard to increase player capacity so watch this space!

I have some thoughts on the quiz…

Fantastic! We’re still developing the quiz and would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve the quiz for you and millions of other students. Please fill out the short survey which we will use to improve your quiz experience!

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