8 reasons we're losing it over the emoji update

With the release of the new iOS update comes amazing things and by amazing things I just mean the perfect breakfast emojis from the likes of croissants to the long-awaited avocados. Basically, we're losing it and we all have no battery from doing the update! insert sarcastic thumbs up emoji

1. Finally, the avocado

Our favourite basic girls lives have officially been made. (Me being one of them!) Finally, an emoji that will be as overused as the coffee cup. #brunch

This is serious shiz.


Kids of the 2004 emo scene rejoice. We have a black heart and a freakin' dying rose. Get that Bullet For My Valentine tee back our of storage!

3. Clown-gate

People are not happy about the new creepy clown one, though...

4. Moon-update

Not OK. He just doesn't look as chilled as he used to. Sad times.

5. One word: bacon


People literally don't even care that their friends are leaving because: bacon.

6. Fingers crossed!

Finally. How many times have you gone to use the fingers crossed emoji only to realise it doesn't exist? No more!

7. Milk and cookies forever

These two can now sit in harmony. Hello beautiful milk emoji.


Basically, I'm really excited about the salad, the carrot and the cucumber! I mean, these are so good when you want to tell your friends that you can't eat anymore burgers (like that ever happens...) But, January is coming so watch out for the peak in veg emoji usage!

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