5 desserts you didn’t know were gluten-free

When you think gluten-free, you're probably thinking about all of the biscuits, cakes, pastries, doughnuts and desserts that you can no longer enjoy. Well, I'm here to save the day and let you in on a little secret that those of you with a sweet tooth can still treat yourself with naturally gluten-free desserts. What more could you ask for? So let’s talk pudding and let's not lie, it is everyone’s favourite meal and the real reason we eat out.

1. Meringue

Eton Mess is a perfect DIY dessert that's incredible in the summer. Or, go one step further and treat yourself to a classic pavlova - every meringue lover’s dream! And, you can eat more of it as it contains fruit, so it’s still healthy, kind of.

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2. Chocolate and sweets

The go-to treat when you need a quick sugar fix. No explanation is needed for this, chocolate just solves all of life's problems. Just be sure to check the label as some sweets and chocolate can be naughty and contain gluten.

3. Macarons

If you really want to treat yourself then a macaron or four is the dessert for you. If you fancy making your own then it is made up of five simple ingredients: ground almonds, egg whites, cream, icing and caster sugar. Plus, they're super Instagram-worthy and you can make them whatever colour you like!

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4. Ice-cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet

They are the perfect accompaniment to any dessert or to enjoy on their own i.e meringue, chocolate or macarons! You cannot beat a bowl of classic vanilla ice cream with some chocolate shavings on top! Just remember; avoid any ice creams with the added extras in them and stick to soft scoop ones.

5. Milkshake

The beauty of the classic milkshake is that you can make it as unhealthy (or healthy!) as you want. Add as much ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows and sauce as you fancy. Have the ultimate dessert in a drink. Just don't get brain freeze!

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Words: Kathryn Webb

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