What to do for the dreaded "Wedding Season"

Wedding Season is coming

So you've found yourself invited to your first wedding of the Summer. Part of you may be freaking out since you feel anyone you know is WAY too young to get married. Another part of you is THRILLED that you finally get to attend a wedding and let loose since you'll no longer be seated at the kids table. No matter what you're feeling... you're gonna need something to wear and that's where UNiDAYS comes in.

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If you're a bridesmaid

Alright, so you've been asked to be a bridesmaid AND it seems the bride has decided that instead of picking the dress herself, everyone has free reign (well to an extent... she's decided everyone has to wear a certain color or style). If you're stressing out about just how you're gonna find a teal dress with a sweetheart neckline and not spend a fortune on it, I've got one word for you; chill. Both Modcloth and ASOS have a pretty extensive collection of bridesmaid (or wedding party) appropriate dresses.

If you're a groomsman

You've probably not given a single thought to what you're gonna wear. Let me be real with you, that wrinkled suit you wore to formal just isn't going to cut it. Doesn't matter if it's a tux or a three-piece linen suit, you need to look presentable. If you're worried about how much a good suit is going to cost, then check out T.M. Lewin or Moss Bros. as they have everything from forest green to jet black. Plus a good suit never goes out of style.

If you're just a guest

Lucky you! You just get to show up and look nice. No stress. No dealing with a bride or groomzilla. However, you still need to look nice. Depending on the vibe of the wedding a dressy casual look will serve you well. Express has the classic styles you can wear over and over again (if you're invited to more than one wedding... and you won't be seeing the same people). Boohoo and BoohooMAN also have plenty of affordable options in case you don't want to rewear an outfit.

Bonus: gift ideas

Chances are, the happy couple has a wedding registry. This makes it VERY easy to get them a gift. Say it with me, "STICK TO THE REGISTRY." There's a reason they have one. Nobody wants an ornate figure of three frogs dancing, trust me. If the couple doesn't have a registry, here's where there's a little more leeway. Get them something they'll actually use or want. I suggest either a gift card to one of their favorite places or something that'll look good in their home/apartment/etc. from Urban Outfitters or Modcloth. Money is also a good option... just make sure you dress it up a bit with a heartfelt card.

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