Travel 101 With Genius Pack

Traveling season is here and we thought, what better than to get some traveling advice from a real expert! We've caught up with Alfred, the founder and creator of Genius Pack to steal his awesome packing and traveling tips. Don't forget that you can grab an awesome 10% off Genius Pack using your UNiDAYS® discount!

UNiDAYS: Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your company!

"My name is Alfred Chehebar. I’m the Founder of Genius Pack, a luggage and travel gear brand designed to make travel as convenient as possible." genius-article2

UNiDAYS: Tell us your top space-saving packing tips! 

"Anyone who travels often knows what a difference every extra inch makes. Here are a few tips I utilize every time I travel:

1. Pack Flat - Don’t Roll

People think you get more space by rolling your clothes. Save yourself the time, pack it flat and position them to align with other contents in your bag to maximize space.

2. Use A Checklist

Make a travel checklist on your smartphone to use each time you travel. This will minimize the stress and maximize productivity while packing. All Genius Pack luggage include a permanent checklist embedded in the interior panel which takes 10 seconds to scan to ensure you didn’t forget something like belts.

3. Pack Light

Whatever you picked out, delete half. When you pack light you travel better.

4. Compress

We invented our Laundry Compression Technology which is patented today, to enable travelers to compress laundry contents by expelling air through an integrated air-valve built into our Genius Pack suitcases."

UNiDAYS: What are your airplane essentials?

"I almost always travel with only 2 pieces: My Genius Pack 22” Carry On Spinner (or sometimes I use my 21” Hardside 8-Wheel Spinner Carry On) as well as my High Altitude Flight Bag. All of my clothing and destination items go in my carry-on, and everything I need to access during the flight goes in my Flight Bag. It’s great because the 2 attach to each other so I essentially only need to roll one piece, and when I get on the plane the Flight Bag attaches to the seat back tray so I don’t need to bother the guy next to me and access the overhead bin." genius-article

UNiDAYS: Are you a last minute packer or a weeks before kinda guy?

"Definitely last minute!"

UNiDAYS: What makes Genius Pack better than other luggage?

"Our patented features and our extreme level of detail when it comes to functionality. We designed every piece of luggage to virtually eliminate all stress that comes with packing. You open up your suitcase and there are designated compartments for each category."

UNiDAYS: Where's your favorite place to travel to?

"Europe. There’s something in the air that I love about Europe, mainly Italy & France. The people, the environment, the cities are just amazing and a privilege to get to visit."  genius-perk

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