To ink or not to ink….

Gone are the days when inking your body is no longer accepted amongst society.

Whether you are pro ink or pro “not”, the art form is here to stay.

First things first, yes, they hurt (big shocker there, eh). Over the past couple of years, I have been asked this question from strangers ranging from 8 years old to 80 years old and the answer never changes, Yes! I can still recall the teenager in the store that despite his mother’s intense tugging at his arm kept staring at me. He finally mustered up enough courage to ask me the famous, “Did those hurt?” question. Quickly followed by, “Can you describe it to me?” With so much joy, I looked that kid dead in his face and told him to imagine someone dragging a tiny knife across his already raw skin and that was what he could prepare for. An image gif source

The look on his face told me that he was willing to reconsider and the relief on his mother’s gave me the feeling that she was thankful of this strange interaction. Because in her eyes (and I am sure most mothers would agree here) no matter how old our children get they will always look like that same kid that needed us to rock them to sleep. I kindly excused myself and walked away never to see that kid again. My intention was not to crush the kids dreams but rather to give him a reason to reconsider a lifetime decision. An image gif source

You see, I probably sound like a hypocrite right about now but the truth is I actually don’t regret any of my ink (well maybe one or two) I just believe that if you do decide to get them that you should:

1) Already have a career. 2) Know what you really want and not just wing it. 3) Realize that no matter what you believe in, people will always judge you for them.

Just remember this! And I’m almost positive you have seen these words scribed in a tattoo shop or two, “Good ink ain’t cheap and cheap ink ain’t good!” An image gif source

In today’s society I have seen people from all walks of life inking their body: from a neurosurgeon that works at a renowned hospital rolling up his sleeves and surprising me with his breathtaking art to a senseless character of a man being arrested downtown with face tattoos that made him appear to be a skeleton and right on down to a sweet old woman that trusted me enough to show me her tiny little kitty tattoo revealing her once wild side (allegedly). In the end, one should always live by these simple words “Do whatever makes you happy” and maybe then you can truly live your best life.

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