The BEST moments from the 2019 Golden Globes

There can be 100 people in a room…

The Golden Globes gave us more awkward, funny, sweet, and wild moments than we could have hoped for. After all, everything's better when Andy Samberg is involved. Here are a few highlights from the night that we’re still not over!

1. Fiji Water Girl

2. When Sandra Oh suddenly turned serious in her monologue and someone thought it was a joke (skip to 11:03)

3. When Andy and Sandra took the words out of Lady Gaga’s mouth (skip to 4:31)

4. Sandra Oh’s parents being the CUTEST people EVER

5. The InStyle elevator videos, which we look forward to every year

6. When Regina King said that 50% of the people working on her upcoming movies would be women


8. When the TV crew trolled Jameela Jamil’s character from The Good Place by calling her by her sister’s name

9. When Christian Bale thanked Satan for the inspiration for his character in Vice

10. When HBO played a commercial for all their upcoming shows!!

11. When Carol Burnett started speaking into her Golden Globe because she thought it was the microphone (skip to 6:03)

12. When Queen was SO proud of Rami Malek

13. When Olivia Colman thanked the Golden Globes for the sandwiches and then thanked her “bitches”

14. Christian Bale’s accent, which half of Twitter didn’t know existed

15: Amy and Maya’s proposal

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