The best couples on Netflix

As it’s Valentines day we know that while half of all the couples out there will be out at fancy restaurants the other half will be fully Netflix and chilling. Even if you’re not celebrating with someone this V-day chances are Netflix has been your one and only through all the ups and downs. Here’s all our fave Netflix couples to be inspired by/laugh at/ feel jealous of. Mild spoilers ahead.

Eleven and Mike

Ok, so we know they’re only 13 but these two are so sweet together. Not only are they loyal to one another, but their love has survived demigorgans, crazy scientists and puberty! 11/10 effort there.

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James and Alyssa

The last thing I was expecting from this dark comedy drama (appropriately named End of the F*ing World) was a really endearing story of love, but James and Alyssa’s story is on of the best things to watch on Netflix right now. Not exactly a ‘wish we were them’ couple, but we love them together anyway!

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Mulan and Shang

This couple taught me what real couple goals were from childhood. Let's be real, Shang was into Mulan as both Ping AND Mulan. If anything, this couple shows that love truly knows no bounds. It also goes to show that while changing yourself can be fun, changing yourself for someone else almost never goes well.

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Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Arguably THE hottest couple in the Marvel Universe. Both strong badass individuals, what more could you want?

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Amy and Frank

Episode 4 has been a fan favorite of the latest season of Black Mirror. If you haven’t already, watch Amy and Frank delve into the world of the digital match-making system. Of course, expect some twists and turns- its Black Mirror, after all.

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Monica and Chandler

We all love a good sitcom couple and Chandler and Monica are up there with the best. Don’t even try to tell me Rachel and Ross are better!

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Veronica and Archie

Classic friends first, but we really love each other. Throw in the mystery of Riverdale and you’ve got a great mix.

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Steve and Nancy

Jonathan is creepy and WE ALL KNOW IT. There, it has been said. Steve deserved better and I like to imagine the latter half of season 2 of Stranger Things didn't happen. This couple did show that people go through their ups and downs and sometimes drift apart. That being said THERE IS STILL HOPE. I mean, you can clearly see just how much Steve loves Nancy (and how much she probably loves him too).

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Prince Philip and the Queen

The Crown let’s us all see the Queen’s private life in a totally new light. Philip’s sarcastic quips make for entertaining viewing to say the least!

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Bonus couple: Dustin and Steve

The love between Steve and Dustin was possibly the best thing about season 2 of Stranger Things. From mentoring Dustin on the ways of women to fighting monsters from the upside-down together, these two have the ultimate friendship. I just love Steve okay. HE GETS TO BE ON THE LIST TWICE!

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