The 10 best looks from the 2019 MET Gala

This year's MET Gala theme was crazy, but make it fashion.

Just kidding! It was camp, not like out in the woods making s’mores, but camp as in “campy” over the top and amazing. These are our favorite looks from this year.

1. Lady Gaga

We all knew she would be on the list, she was a co-host and she was living for this theme, we all missed her out-of-this-world outfits. Thank goodness she graced us with 4 outfits in the matter of 10 minutes. An image Img source

2. Harry Styles

Another co-host of the evening. Not only did he look amazing on the red carpet, but all male toxicity constructs were thrown out the window. An image Img source

3. Katy Perry

I knew she would knock this theme out of the park. Do we remember her outfits in California Girls? We were not disappointed! An image Img source

4. Jared Leto

He is giving me huge high school girls leaving school to go to cosmetology class vibes here. An image Img source

5. Saoirse Ronan

Her red dress was making me feel the heat last night! An image Img source

6. Billy Porter

Form being carried in, to the pink carpet, to just straight up killing this look, Billy Porter was the king of the theme last night. An image Img source

7. Ezra Miller

I honestly don’t even know what to say about his outfit but, An image Img source

8. Zendaya

Every girl wants to be a princess, and Zendaya reminded us all of that yesterday. An image Img source

9. Lily Collins

Every single detail that she had on was killing me! From the dramatic eyeliner, to the flowers in her hair, to her just straight up killing it! An image Img source

10. Janelle Monae

Is that a modern painting or is that queen Janelle? An image Img source

Honestly, I wish I could make a list of like my 50 favorite outfits but that would be much too long, so these 10 will have to do! Did your favorite look make it onto the list?

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