So you want a summer internship? Here’s how to get one

If want to gain experience for your future career and maybe gain some coin too, a summer internship is the perfect opportunity to take. Here are some ways you can start your search for the job you want:

Attend a Networking Event

This could be a larger scale event with break out sessions or even just a simple job fair. Your university, local library, or even local businesses may host one in your area. Check online or watch out for flyers to see what events pop up. It’s beneficial to branch outside of your network and make some new connections. A networking event is the perfect place to do this. These connections could lead to your summer internship or even future career opportunity. So head on out there with your “elevator pitch” rehearsed and a resume in hand. You got this.

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Get in Contact

Most universities have a career/internship advisor on campus. Depending where you go they may have a different title, but they all do about the same thing for students. That thing would be helping us become more employable and getting us employed. It's worth it to send out an email; the advisor will have connections that could be your next lead. Also they may already have some internship/job listings to send your way.

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Cold Call

If there are some companies or businesses you have your eye on give them a call. Not all websites are completely updated with internship or job listings so asking about openings is worth a shot. If no openings are available at this time it doesn’t mean that you hit a dead end. Try and see if you could set up an informational interview. Essentially you would be asking to sit down with someone at the company and ask them questions about their job. This would give you a better idea of what you see yourself doing in the future and how you might get there. In addition this would expand your network.

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So get out there and network, network, network! You are the one to make it happen!

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