Our fav denim-on-denim looks

It’s a Levi’s world, and we’re just living in it.

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As you probably know if you’ve been living above ground for the past year, denim-on-denim is back in a big way. Colored denim, oversized denim, matching denim, you name it.

I used to be very against the denim-on-denim look, but lately I’ve been having a change of heart, largely due to Levi’s. I’m not a fan of EVERY denim-on-denim look (you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!) but here are some that I can def get on board with.

1. The dark-on-light

I love the way they paired a black denim jacket with regular denim jeans. It doesn’t even feel like denim-on-denim since it’s not all uniform, and it feels like a fresh take on the look. It’s a perfect outfit to transition yourself into the world of denim-on-denim.

2. The pop of color

What I love about this look is that, while the denim washes are the same, the pop of red on the shoulder draws the eye, so it’s not a totally monochromatic outfit. It’s giving such 90s vibes, which I can’t help but get on board with.

3. The DRESSY denim

Ok you have to flip to the 2nd slide of the post to see it, but they have a DENIM OVERCOAT. It completely changes the denim game- you could wear it to an interview or a tailgate. It’s like a chic pantsuit, but denim. I love.

4. The denim-on-chambray

I have to be honest, this took me a minute to warm up to...but now that I’ve taken the time to process it, I’m 100% on board. The darker tones in the jacket match the color of the chambray perfectly. As a side note, I’ve been suuuuper into the “jacket draped over the shoulders” look lately. And besides, Lily Aldridge can do no wrong.

5. The close match

I love how both of these outfits are super closely matched- almost the same denim- but they have different fits. It’s partially uniform, but has something that keeps it interesting. I especially love the lighter denim look, where the jeans are super fitted and the jacket is a little bit oversized. Always keep one thing different-- that’s my motto.

6. The mix-and-match

Ok I actually love ALL of these. The different washes of denim, the contrast between the fitted and oversized, the layers...it’s all so good. I would absolutely wear the denim-on-denim look on the right, especially with the ankle boots. SO. GOOD.

7. The cropped and high-waisted

I love how the wide-legged pants and the oversized jacket can complement each other and keep a flattering structure by staggering their cuts. The high waisted jeans with the cropped jacket is so good. Also, I love the wide-legged jeans. Rant over.

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