One strap or two? The great 2018 backpack round-up

I OBVIOUSLY don’t want to say that what you wear defines you, but your sense of style is definitely a part of who you are. And, of course, this translates into your backpack. There are many types of students, and I think that someone’s choice in backpack can say a lot about who they are. I’ve rounded up a few of the most common student profiles, and the backpacks that best suit them. I’m sure I’m missing a few, but I’m only human, OKAY?

The Techie

Whether or not you’re actually in a STEM major, you have a knack for the practical (and technological) way of life. You’re the one that your friends go to when they need to borrow a pen, a charger, a calculator, or even an advil. You need a bag that can hold (and organize) all of your gadgets and gizmos (sorry to go all Little Mermaid on ya there), like this one from Genius Pack.

The Practical Fashionista

You know that you need a backpack that will compliment any outfit you wear. This gorgeous backpack from Frye will look good with anything, and the neutral color matches whatever you wear- whether it’s sweats to your 8am, or a blazer for a class presentation. Plus, you can always add fun pins or patches to it to jazz it up, if you so choose!

The Time Management Master

You have your schedule down to a SCIENCE, and you never need to carry more than one textbook with you at a time. You don’t need a big backpack, and in fact, you prefer something smaller that’s easy to carry around as you run from your class, to your dorm, to the dining hall, to your dorm again, to another class.

The Busy Bee

You’re involved in literally EVERYTHING on campus, and you’re probably taking more credits than you need to (confession: this was me in college). You need a nice roomy, durable bag that will carry everything you OWN around with you all day, since you won’t make it back to your dorm from 9am to 11pm. And it has to be able to hold 6 textbooks at a time, every day for at least a few years.

The Life of the Party

You see everything as an opportunity to lighten the mood, including your backpack. If you see one that matches your personality, you’re OBVIOUSLY going to get it. I love this fish backpack by Jansport, available at Tilly’s, which would have gone over quite well on my Rhode Island college campus, which was right on the water. Who says a backpack can’t be a conversation starter?

The Student Athlete

Adidas is a brand you trust if you’re an athlete, and you’ll probably want to reflect that in your backpack choice as well. After all, the rest of your outfit will probably be Adidas ANYWAY, so you might as well complete the set. You know it will be able to hold your laptop, books, AND your uniform, taking you through every part of your active day.

The Neat Freak (but not really freak)

Again- we love using backpacks as fashion statements. Translucent bags are a major thing, but you have to be able to keep it neat, or else PEOPLE WILL KNOW. Your dorm room is probably mega-organized, and maybe your closet is even color-coordinated. I bet you even have a gorgeous Kate Spade planner, as well. You’re the person I aspired to be for the first week of each semester….until the “real me” shone through, and the bottom of my backpack became a black hole of loose tampons, broken pencils, crumpled papers, and hair elastics.

The Comfort Queen (or King)

You know that college is a cozy bubble, and you try to live your life that way. You have a large part of your wardrobe that consists of sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, flannels, etc. and you know that when you feel comfortable, you can focus better. You choose to keep it consistent with your choice of backpack, too- no backaches here!

The Sophisticated Carrier

You’re the person who always looks put together for class, regardless of whether it’s an 8am or a night class. You want your backpack to be elegant and simple, reflecting your “put-together-ness” and always lifting your outfit up to the next level. You probably also keep a pretty organized planner. You go, Glenn Coco.

The Intern

Alright, one more Kate Spade...because there’s one last kind of student who deserves recognition: the one who is bouncing between classes and internships all day, and who needs a nice, professional bag to bring you from one to the other. You need a nice large purse or tote that can hold your laptop, some books, and whatever you need for your internship- but that will still impress your boss (after all, you’re probably looking for a post-grad job offer, right??).

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