How to style athleisure ALL summer long

Athleisure Suits You

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We've been over this, but as it would turn out-- our beloved & comfy trend, Athleisure, isn't going anywhere. And why would it? Not only does everyone think that we're either coming from or going to the gym every time we're sporting our sneakers and leggings, but why would anyone choose anything other than comfort if they had the option? Exactly.

Nail the trend and stay cool for the summer with our handy tips:

Matchy Matchy

Could we be any happier that matching looks are in right now? Do you have any idea how much time this saves us in the morning? The key to wearing something outwardly athletic (as opposed to leisurely) is to keep those sneakers super white and the makeup and hair neat, tidy, and fresh faced. Can't go wrong!

Cap it off

Hats are a #blessing. Our hair is likely greasy, and nothing is cuter than a girl in a baseball cap. Obviously, baseball players use them to keep the sun out of their eyes and to protect their faces, so this is the perfect way to protect that gorgeous skin of yours while giving off tomboy hot vibes all season long.

When in Doubt, Millennial Pink

What did we even do before we started wearing sneakers every single day? Wear heels? It seems like a distant memory. These bad boys are our favorite shade of Millennial pink and are a great alternative to sandals if you're looking to add some spice to that uber girly look.


This outfit is perfectly styled. From the crisp white sneaks to the patterned leggings, we're in love. The delicate jewelry and bomber make it perfect for literally any occasion. What makes it perfect for the summer, though? THOSE SHADES! The right pair really make the outfit, so select carefully. We do love the edginess these frames bring to this frame.

There's No Place Like Monochrome

It's funny how dressing monochromatically makes you look really put together, but that's exactly what we're after when styling our athliesure pieces. You don't actually want to look like you just got home from the gym. We love this look because it's in a fun pastel color and (as you can see) you could just as easily add some nude color heels and a fun bag if you wanted to dress it up a bit.

Sugar Coat It

We know, it's summer, so when will you need a jacket? The answer? AT NIGHT! Not only is this Kendall Jenner's go-to move, but an oversized denim or quilted jacket will surely pull together any look. If you're wearing a sports bra as a top, it'll also make it less scandalous.

Devil in the Details

Curious about how to wear jewelry with your new athleisure looks? Wearing anything too big or obvious might seem a little out of place. We can't get enough of these really classic, demure and elegant touches. Thin chains, simple designs and several small touches as opposed to one giant necklace are totally the way to go.

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