How to not be a d*ck when you're traveling

Growing a single dreadlock akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi, wearing ridiculous elephant patterned harem pants, speaking loudly in mock-broken English believing it to be a genuine attempt at communicating in the local language. People often do embarrassing things when they’re traveling abroad that they later come to regret. Though these are all pretty cringeworthy, there are far worse actions that will instantly put you into douchebag territory, and should therefore be avoided at all times.

Check your airport etiquette

OK, you might not have technically set off yet, but unfortunately, many peoples’ idiotic behavior starts even before they’ve boarded the plane. The airport can bring the worst out in even the most chilled of travelers and it’s undoubtedly a hotbed for douchebaggery. But you don’t need to be among that number!

Don’t wear crazy stuff like studded belts, or fix yourself up with a fancy hairdo that requires a hundred hairpins to keep in place. It’s gonna get you stopped going through security. Have your toiletries prepped if you’re not checking a bag, it saves time for everyone. You won’t be allowed on the plane if you’re drunk and disorderly and it will cause delays for the other passengers when you throw a tantrum because of it. So, by all means, get loose and happy, but please don’t get drunk and overstep the line.

Don’t be an idiot abroad

Respect is the key here. Respect of your host country, the people that live there and the environment that surrounds you. Respect local customs and cultures, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, after all, it’s you that’s chosen to be there. Bear this in mind at all times and you won’t go too far wrong.

If you’re visiting religious places in many countries remember that you need to be dressed modestly at all times, so don’t rock up in your bikini. Tipping in some countries can actually be offensive so check before you flash the cash. And however amusing it may seem at the time, don’t be the person that gets arrested at the sacred ruins by stripping naked for that all-important Insta shot.

Keep it clean

It’s a strange fact, but a small minority of people on their travels seem to forget all about their personal hygiene. They stop washing their clothes and even sometimes stop washing themselves. Just don’t, it’s absolutely unnecessary and you’ll unwittingly offend everyone you come across with your off-putting aroma.

Did you know that in countries all over the globe, there are places where you can get your laundry done? That you can find facilities to have a wash in even the most remote locations you’re likely to visit? Or that soap is readily available no matter where you find yourself in the world?

Be a good roommate

If you’re staying in dorm rooms then it’s important that you are considerate of the other guests in there with you. You were probably taught about the concept of sharing as a toddler, and now’s not the time to forget it as you’ll be living in close quarters with a number of other human beings.

It’s OK to stay out late, but just do your best not to wake everyone else up who hasn’t when you come in. That means keeping the noise to a minimum, trying to get into bed as quickly as possible, and not turning the freaking lights on. Keep your stuff put away, not sprawled out across the room. And no matter how hot your hook up that night is, definitely do not get amorous on bunk beds. Nobody wants to see or hear that.

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