How to be comfy for class without looking like you gave up


We here at UNiDAYS are HUGE fans of the jogger look. You can literally wear sweatpants while looking like you walked right off of a European runway. Joggers are great because the outfit possibilities are ENDLESS. Add a leather jacket, denim jacket, oversized sweater, hoodie, or a simple tee (bonus points if it’s a bold graphic tee!). Pair them with any style of sneaker, sandal, or even your favorite moccasins. I’m literally purchasing these Cotton Onjoggers as I type this.

Oversized sweaters

The oversized sweater is a heaven-sent gift to earth. Feeling a little bloated and trying to hide it? Throw a big sweater over it. Cold fall day? It feels like you’re wearing a giant blanket all day. Sweaters are a step up from the typical sweatshirt, but you can’t feel the difference! Wear it with leggings, jeans, or some cozy joggers. My favorite fall outfit in college was a big cozy sweater, leggings, riding boots, and a nice puffer vest. Sometimes, to add a bit of class, I’d put a flannel under the sweater and let the collar peep out….which brings me to our next tip:


Once again: flannels are like a reward to mankind, and I truly don’t know what we did to deserve them. It’s basically a nice collared shirt, but made out of a blanket. And again, they work with jeans, leggings or joggers. I love Urban Outfitters’s collection of flannels, they literally feel like collectibles- how many different colors and patterns can you collect??? The Pokemon cards of fashion? Maybe. And they’re great for these first few weeks of fall where it’s 50 degrees in when you walk to your chem lab at 9:00, and 85 degrees when you get out at 12:00 because you can just tie it around your waist for that classic 90s look! Flannels can work with a soft t-shirt dress, over a plain or graphic tee, or buttoned up. Start collecting, my friends!

Soft cardigans

A cardigan, like a flannel, is the perfect accessory for those days where you need to layer. Toss it over a dress, a graphic tee and some cozy boyfriend jeans, or even leggings or joggers. Cardigans are soft, breezy, and totally wrap-able. Plus, they can work double-time in your wardrobe; pair them with some slacks and a blouse and you’ve got an internship/interview outfit that won’t feel stuffy and itchy. Tooootally worth investing in a nice one.

Loose clothing

This is the best life hack I know, so take out your notepad. If you’re going somewhere you can’t scrub out, but you’re SO not interested in wearing real clothes, loose clothing with breathable fabrics are your best friend. For inspiration, out this outfit styled by UGG with some gorgeous, flowy linen and some classic slip on sneakers. Feels like you’re wearing a tracksuit, but you could totally give a class presentation in it.

Treat your Feet

Speaking of UGG, I find that if your feet aren’t cozy, you aren’t cozy. Therefore,you can argue that a pair of cozy shoes, such as UGGs, are the building block of a good day. But I’m not just talking about the classic UGG boot (although that’s always an option)- have you checked out the wide selection on the UGG website lately?? For an easy and comfortable way to jazz up any outfit, I’m LOVING their colorful slippers and loafers, like the Ansley. Add them to any outfit for a fun alternative to your everyday moccasin. I’m envisioning some ripped boyfriend jeans, a white tee, a grey cardigan, and some hot pink loafer slippers??


I remember a time where I was taught that being too matchy-matchy was tacky. And, in some ways, perhaps it still is. But in 2017 anything is possible, and now, a matching hoodie/shorts combo is a major YES. Toss one of these bad boys from TOBI on and you’re ready for class in under 5 minutes, without falling into the classic trap of hot pink running shorts, a yellow long-sleeve tee from your trip to Cape Cod, and your blue Nikes. Feels the same, but you’ll look like you just stepped out of a JLo music video.


...but not how you think. In 2017, your everyday tennis shoes just won’t cut it. Sneakers are an art form these days, thanks to brands like Frye. You can literally wear a plain grey tee and some black leggings, but with a pair of Frye sneakers, you’ve got a legitimate, real-person outfit without actually feeling like you put in real-person effort.

Blanket scarves

A blanket scarf is another trick up my sleeve that I always make sure to keep. They’re the perfect statement piece to either add some flair to your otherwise boring outfit, or to distract from the fact that you’re wearing the same pair of leggings for the third day in a row. My advice: black leggings, a black long-sleeve shirt or sweater, some riding boots, and a colorful blanket scarf, à la Betabrand. Looks like a real outfit because technically you accessorized, but you LITERALLY get to wear a blanket to class. Be sure to grab coffee on your way, though, because otherwise you might wrap up and all asleep in your seat (not like I’d know from experience…)!

Statement jacket

On the topic of distracting statement pieces...jackets! And once again, Betabrand has you covered. Their sweatshirts and jackets (which often are a magical hybrid) come in some fabulous patterns and colors, so throwing them on over some leggings, jeans, yoga pants, or joggers is an easy and comfy way to add some pizazz to your day.

Fitted hoodie

Ok, let’s talk about hoodies. Every student has some sort of baggy sweatshirt with either their college logo, the name of some beach, or a sporting team….and as cozy as those are, I always preferred to save those for Midterms/Finals weeks (aka the weeks where giving up was encouraged and expected). But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear hoodies the other 10 weeks of the semester! It’s all about fit. Getting a good fitted hoodie or two is an easy cheat to being comfy while still keeping SOME structure to your outfit (and therefore your life). And once AGAIN, for this I recommend Betabrand!


Well, this one is obvious...but at the same time, it isn’t. I’ve given you a few different options for styling your favorite pair of classic black leggings already, but there is another option: the statement leggings. Take a page out of the PUMA book and add some flair to your leggings drawer (yeah we all have one). Pair these with a fitted hoodie (see above) and we’re in BUSINESS!

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