Finals are done... now what

Self-care is key

So the week of finals comes to a close and you have survived. The late nights full of cramming and hours of bubbling in answers are done for this semester. It's time to relax and listen to the tunes rather than lectures. But admittedly there's a bit of lag time between ending courses and jumping right into summer. In fact you may even call it recovery. Here's some self care tips to guide you smoothly into relaxation:

Catch Some ZZZ’s

This is probably what you need the most of right now. Energy drinks and a few naps here and there are no supplements for a full 8 hours. After you're done with finals hit the hay and catch up on your sleep. This may be the rare occasion caffeine is not the answer.

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Netflix & Chill

I should clarify; when I say this I mean actually chill out and rewatch The Office a few more times. Honestly doing something mindless like binge watching will be a good relaxer. Studying for finals takes a lot mentally so you've earned the right to be a little lazy.

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Treat Yourself

Face masks, bath bombs, and any other spa remedy you feel necessary. This may be extra, but hey self care is self care. You deserve it.

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Acknowledge the fact you made it through and now you have about three months free of essays. Take advantage of the nice weather and events popping up. After you fully recover get out there and make this a summer to remember.

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