EYE see you: Glasses (and contacts) to get you back on track

Hindsight is 20/20

But realizing you probably needed glasses as you squint at the screen to see what the hell your professor even wrote does NOT have to be your future (or past). Get ahead of the game by actually doing something about your vision or at least seeing someone about it so that you can get it under control or prepare if it's something glasses or contacts can't fix. Below are just some of the routes you can go by using UNiDAYS because let's face it... seeing is expensive but I'd rather buy glasses than spend hundreds of dollars on ibuprofen for the headaches that come from squinting.

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One of the great things about EyeBuyDirect is that for every order you place with them, one pair of glasses will be donated to someone in the country of your choice. So beyond looking good (and being able to see) you'll be doing good as well.


Maybe glasses aren't your thing OR you want to reinvent yourself by going for contacts instead. If, like me, you're bad at remembering to renew your prescription or order... 1-800-CONTACTS makes it easy by allowing you to subscribe so they'll automatically send new contacts when you need them. PLUS once your prescription has been verified, your order will be shipped same day.


If you're on the fence about what it is you're looking for, they've got plenty of brands for you to choose from AND you can upload your picture to see what different frames would look like on you. They also have a 365 day guarantee AND a 100% money-back guarantee so you really can't lose.


I'm not gonna lie. When I headed to school for my freshman year, fully embracing the glasses lyfe, the first glasses I decided upon were Ray-Bans. They're classic and never go out of style. Besides, you can get your prescription in sunglasses form as well which means there will never NOT be a time you can't see.

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