Everything you know about UGG is wrong

UGG Love

Slippers, sneakers, flats, sandals, wedges, hoodies, and more! Can you guess what brand I'm talking about?

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It's UGG! Okay, maybe you guessed because of the title of this post.

When I first realized everything available at UGG my response was: "Whaaaa? No way, they just do furry boots and moccasins!!!!" Well, those iconic looks are only just the tip of the iceberg for this multifaceted brand. Believe it, because you're about to see it (and then fall in love and buy.)

I started shopping at UGG a few days ago for a new pair of slippers which, by the way, are like heaven for your feet. I kept browsing after checkout -ok, procrastinating - and realized I could make an entire head-to-toe-to-handbag wardrobe out of UGG! I don’t want to write a 10-page blog post - trust me I’ve had enough from my midterm papers - so I’ll try to keep it short. However, here are a few “UGG Loves” of mine that deserve a mention (and a purchase....).

UGG Love #1

Let me start with what probably surprised me the most: Wedges. Not only does UGG make wedges, but they make them well! The Fitchie II pair is seriously cute! Not to mention the foam insole making them ultra comfy. Beauty does not have to be pain!

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UGG Love #2

UGG sneakers were also a very happy discovery. Sneaker options range from trainers to laceless, and have great color pallets for both the guys and the girls. The men’s Freamon Hyperweave are killer. (I’d love to see my guy step out in these) Out of the five colors, I love them in the black and white because of the high contrast, but you can't go wrong with any of them. For a laceless look I love the Woman’s Sammy Sneaker, and the Men’s section has a very similar style called the Knox Hyperweave.


UGG Love #3

I have to say this is probably the only time I’ll ever recommend a white bag because, while they are fabulous, they get beat up way too fast. That being said the Rae Tote is all leather so I know it is durable, plus I can keep it clean so easily with the UGG leather cleaning products, so that the **crisp white stays just as timeless as the structured style of the purse. (and if you don’t like white, take a look at the blue, black, or pink)


UGG Love #4

Since we are in Spring Break season, definitely check out their flip-flops and sandals for the beach/pool side. Step out of the box and into something wild when you embrace the women’s sandal of the season, the Royal.

Ugg Love #5

I love, love, LOVE the weave detail on the Tippie flat, and I’ll take them in any color. Since everything will go with this shoe, it would be justified to get them all… right?


UGG Love #6

The UGG Sienna rainboots have me singing in the rain! With the selection of happy colors, this boot lifts you up when the weather brings you down. UGG even makes rain boot socks specifically for the Sienna boot, so you’ll stay warm in the melted snow.

And while I am waiting for my “UGG Loves” to ship I'll cuddle up in their Duffield Throw(pictured a and check out what other steals I can find on UNiDAYS, maybe even get started on my Mother's Day shopping early.

Whether you're looking for date night shoes, lounge wear, or your go-to bag. UGG knows what looks good and feels good. Now go explore!

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