A LOT happened this week. Here's what you might have missed

Winding down Thursday, August 30th. Here's a quickie of what's happened so far this week.

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In Politics...

  • Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) passed away over the weekend, only a day after announcing he would receiving treatment for brain cancer.

  • Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who both defeated McCain in presidential contests, are expected to give eulogies at his funeral at the National Cathedral on Friday. Famously not invited to the service: President Trump and Sarah Palin.

  • President Trump announced a new US-Mexico trade deal, which could replace NAFTA. The next step in the process is to get Canada on board.

  • Tuesday was the Gubernational, Senate, and House primaries in Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma, and the results are in.

  • The plot thickens: White House Counsel (read: chief lawyer) Don McGahn will resign this fall, after it was revealed that he was interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller as a part of the Russia investigation.

  • California approved a measure mandating that by 2045, the state’s electricity will come 100% from clean energy sources like wind and solar.

In Hollywood...

  • After her ‘Black Panther’ catsuit was banned from the French Open, Serena Williams showed up in an incredible Virgil Abloh x Nike tutu to her match against Magda Linette. She won the match, obviously.

  • Spotify revealed the official list of the Most Streamed Songs of Summer. Drake’s “In My Feelings” is No. 1.

  • Nicki Minaj saw disappointing sales of her new album, Queen, and is blaming it on Spotify, Travis Scott, and even baby Stormi. A lot is going on here.

  • SPOILER ALERT (seriously): an anonymous bystander jumped in to break up a fight between Bachelor in Paradise’s Leo Dottavio and Joe Amabile after Leo threw his drink on Joe and called him a ‘Grocery Store Bitch.’

  • Queen Taylor Swift paid respects to the late Queen Aretha Franklin with a beautiful tribute followed by a moment of silence during her show in Detroit.

  • In the midst of Caitlyn Jenner's ongoing feud with the Kardashians, Kanye West took to Twitter (as he does best) to share a screenshot of a friendly text conversation he had with her, in which she praised his clothing line. So...he proved he's on good terms with her, while naturally humble-bragging about his clothing line.

In Other News...

According to Science...

  • 54% of U.S. teens worry that they spend too much time on their phones, according to a new study by Pew.

  • A UK study suggests that CBD, a cannabis extract, could be used to treat psychosis. This could open up a new, safe treatment for young people at risk of psychosis.

  • Child development experts analyzed the video of a migrant’s mother’s reunion with her son after 3 months of separation, and explain the emotional and mental harm this separation causes on children.

  • A new study suggests that drinking and smoking as a teenager causes significant damage to arteries, putting them on the path to stroke and heart disease.

  • Florida is experiencing an unusually long red tide, as well as a toxic algal bloom, which is proving to be fatal to wildlife, as well as harmful to humans. Some believe this may be related to climate change.

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