8 pairs of sandals that prove you can rock Dr. Martens every season

Let those toes breathe

Today we are partnering with Dr. Martens to give away a free pair of sandals on the UNiDAYS app.

If you've only ever worn closed-toed shoes from Dr. Marten, we're here to show you (and your feet) the light, because they have a KILLER sandal selection. Here are just a few options to give your feet the summer vacation they DESERVE.

1. Blaire

These bright and versatile sandals will have you looking great and your feet feeling amazing! Also, if you’re against wearing real leather, they also have a vegan pair! An image img source

2. Adaira Brando

If you are a fan of gladiators (the sandals, not the fighters...), then these are the shoes for you. An image img source

3. Nartilla Grizzly

Do you love drawing attention to your gorgeous ankles? Is that a weird thing for me to ask you? Regardless, if you answered yes, these are for you. The straps that go all the way up your calves will grab all eyes! An image img source

4. Granik

This one is for the shorter folks out there! Looking for the perfect sandal that isn’t a flat can be a hard thing. Luckily, Dr. Martens is coming in clutch. An image img source

5. Nikolai

Not only are these super easy to throw on as you’re running out the door, but they're effortlessly cool, too. The perfect shoe to complete a "I didn't try, even though it totally looks like I did" look. An image img source

6. Xabier

If you're looking for a more classic sandal that you can pair with almost anything, Dr. Martens still has you covered. Ease of wear AND comfort are guaranteed with the sturdy heel strap. An image img source

7. Geraldo

Don’t worry, guys, you can rock gladiator sandals as well! These shoes will look great in either maroon or black. Tbh, I can't pick a favorite. An image img source

8. Jorge Westfield

Do you have a weird thing about showing your toes? No judgment. These shoes are just as easy as a sandal, but you don’t have put those piggies on display. It's the perfect compromise. An image img source

Hero img source

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