8 fabulous formal dresses under $80

Official Babe Uniform: Formal Edition

Let's do this.

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Shopping for formal dresses? Look no further than Missguided. Do you want long? Short? Open back to the crack? HA! - Just kidding. I know y’all are classy ladies. If you feel guilty about splurging on a dress for one day, DON'T! Go to UNiDAYS to surf the Missguided site and checkout with a student discount! #WIN!

So Long

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Ladies, say hello to your Jessica Rabbit moment. Missguided choker maxi dress is the perfect red, with a matching slit to the infamous dress, and the alluring low back. The neckline is different, but the dress is just as beautiful. Out of all the looks, this is the most ‘red carpet glam’. Why not feel like a starlet?! (at least before you sweat through your hair and makeup.)

I know I have showed you a lot of color - and I love color- but do you know who else will too? All the other girls at formal. Because everyone is always afraid of black being overdone, it’s usually done the least. The V plunge maxi dress from Missguided is a perfect canvas for any style accessories, makeup, and hair you want. This dress is a classic, with it you can’t go wrong.

I love when a long dress still hugs you in all the right places. This blue strappy frill fishtail maxi dress makes me feel like sexy mermaid! I love how Missguided pulled off a dress with a dramatic neckline, a dramatic cut, that stills makes you look sweet and girly.

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Show off your back in class. This simple burgundy strappy maxi will give you a beautiful minimalistic look. You can add a thin chain necklace or skinny earrings, but the real showstopper will be the way you’ll look in it.

Dance pants! Well, pants that are connected to a top - whatever. A jumpsuit is always fun (and way easier to dance in - though I dance like a wild woman.) The fine pleats and flowy cut move marvelously. The loose fit has no shortage of sex appeal, and it’s a perfect look if you don’t want to wear something skin tight. I don’t know about you, but I always break my diet.

Go Shorty

I know some formals are a little less formal, so don’t worry I didn't forget about the girls who shop short. You don’t have to buy long to get a beautiful dress. Short dresses also score much higher in re-wearability - woo woo!

The crepe sleeveless cut out midi dress black is my edgiest pick. This is a dress for a BAMF. This may not be the dress for every formal, but if it works for yours, you should rock it. This dress does a great job at showing skin without showing too much. Good job Misguided! If you buy this dress I swear you will wear it again, and again, and again... (and again.)

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Missguided also has the grey crepe one shoulder bow sleeve midi dress, another great pick. The flowy top adds movement that you don’t usually see in short fitted dresses. The elegant pale grey color is so timeless. You’ll look like a vision.

I love this lace 90's neck skater dress from Missguided. The pattern on the dress totally dresses up the simple silhouette to make it formal appropriate. The white ivory fabric is beautiful, and the long thin straps give you a low sexy back. The fit and flare shape is uber flattering, so basically, everything about this dress is amazing.

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