5 Bikini Butt-Busting Moves

Girls, you're beautiful just the way you are but, from a girl to another girl, I know sometimes you can feel better in a bikini on the beach if you know you're in the best shape that you can be. Here are my 5 butt-busting moves and fitness trends to help you towards your summer body if you feel like kicking butt before your vacay. Remember, these moves will not only make you feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel but you'll be stronger for them and that means 100% more badass.

1. High Intensity Interval Training

You've heard about this, right? You work super hard for a short burst, rest, then go again. This really gets your heart rate up and you burn a load of calories! ‌

2. CrossFit

Ok, so definitely not just a single move but it's something that is sure to 100% kick your butt. If you've never done CrossFit before but you like to be challenged and cheered on, you'll love it. With a mix of gymnastics, cardio, olympic lifting and bodyweight exercises you'll never be bored and you will 100% work up a sweat as well as making new friends and gaining tonnes of confidence. ‌ insta1 Image Source

3. The Tire Flip

If you live near a garage, on a farm or are lucky to live near a gym with tires and other funky equipment - get flipping! Flipping tires is a crazy-good workout for your whole body, lift with your legs, not your back for the safest way to strengthen and tone your legs. As well as being an awesome workout for your legs and butt, it's great for your arms and core too as you need to keep everything tight to support yourself. Even Women's Health are doing it! ‌insta2 Image Source

4. MMA & Kick Boxing

My favorite badass girl of the moment, Ronda Rousey is proof that fighting like a girl is the best thing you can do. Get yourself down to your local boxing, MMA or kick boxing gym and give it a go. I guarantee that if you think cardio is boring you won't after this full body work out. ‌

5. Barre3

You must have heard how all the Angels do barre and ballet to get their super toned bodies? Well, you need to check out Barre3, the combination of yoga, pilates and barre strengthens and tones your body in a low impact way. Plus you can save 20% off their online subscriptions with your UNiDAYS® discount! ‌
‌ Here are my top 5 style picks to help you feel awesome whilst kicking some serious butt. I love new workout gear when I'm trying to push myself, it really motivates me to down to the gym, on the track or in the ring. fitness I'm a little obsessed with these leaf print Roxy Relay Capri pants, they're so bright and motivating! Mix and match your sportswear with a bright sports bra to wake you up, I like this Reebok CrossFit Front Rack Bra. These New Balance Cross-Training Shoes that are great for high-intensity workouts with great cushioning and support. My secret weapon for a great workout has to be comfortable underwear, try Spanx Everyday Shaping Panties Thong for comfort without the tell-tale panty-line. Power through your workouts with your fave tunes using these Panasonic In-Ear Headphones and you won't be able to stop! Hero Image Source

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