5 biggest benefits Of college sports

Whether you're a cheerleader, a Quarterback or you're the star of your school's basketball team college sports are seriously beneficial in more ways than one.

1. Talent Development

If you've already got the talent, your college team can seriously help you to hone your talent and get even better and what you're already great at!

2. Community Support & Team Work

Being part of a team and a community can massively help your self-esteem and improve your time at college greatly. If you've come from a big city and you're not used to a community close-knit feel, this could be quite a change but you'll definitely enjoy it.

3. Health & Fitness

Obviously, playing sports and training with a team is going to positively affect your health and wellbeing. You'll be more motivated to eat healthy with you team backing you up and you'll be exercising regularly to improve your cardio and get stronger.

4. Relationship Building

Making contacts with coaches and other players will be really beneficial for you in the future as well as whilst you're still at college. Plus, you'll make friends for life as most people around you will have similar interests and motivators.

5. Resume Boosting

Even if you're not planning to become a professional sportsperson, being part of a team is really great for your resume. It shows that you've spent your time at college making friends, working hard at something other than your studies and also shows commitment, a competitive mindset and great time management skills. But, if you are planning to become a intercollegiate athlete, at the next level, you need to make sure that your grades and test scores are at the top that they can be as well as your effort on the field. Why? Good students stay eligible, make great teammates and graduate on time.

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