4 ways to up your lingerie game like Megan Fox

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, it shows.” Megan Fox

Well, Megan, ain't that the truth?

Looking every bit as hot after the birth of her third kid as she did when she busted onto the scene in Transformers (2007), Megan Fox is putting life back into uber-sexy lingerie line Frederick's of Hollywood, and helping us all gain a little bit more confidence in the meantime.

Meg Fox

The mega-famous brand ambassador, creative partner, and model for the brand synonymous with sexy lingerie is owning her new role and empowering women one smoldering look at a time.

“I think women should own what they wear. Confidence looks great on everyone."

Now, you can own what you wear, simply by purchasing a Fox-approved lingerie look that’ll give you that little something extra. So whether you’re wearing it for someone else, or wearing it for yourself, you have no choice but to own it! TBH, you could probably get away with wearing most of the stuff from her collection (with some minor adjustments) outside of the bedroom too, though we don’t recommend wearing latex in the middle of the desert if you’re thinking festival season.

We’re loving explosive Spring colors like the blue and pink below, mixed with delicate lace, dominatrix-inspired latex, scandalous cut-outs, and barely-there bottoms. That Megan Fox sure is a cheeky one!

The looks blue // black // pink // white

Maybe you never thought of yourself as a lingerie kind of girl. Many of us don't! The lesson Fox is teaching us through her new venture is to appreciate the body you're in-- in every form. She's had 3 kids, after all.

"I feel more empowered and confident… These pieces make you feel an awakened appreciation for your body."

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