4 tips to get your sleeping schedule back on track

I'll sleep when I'm dead

Student life is one big juggling act. Schoolwork, actual work, family, friends, relationships, looking after your health, and trying to have a good sleeping pattern It’s not easy. But fear not! Here are some top tips on how you can get your sleeping pattern back on track.

1. Try and stick to a sleep schedule

Why not use the bedtime setting on your iPhone to send you a reminder when it’s nearly time to catch some Zs. Getting into a regular routine will help to adjust your body clock.

2. Avoid naps

If you struggle with sleeping at night, try and avoid sleeping in the day. After your 9am lecture it’s hard to resist going back to bed, but don’t give in- it could make all the difference.

3. Practise a relaxing bedtime ritual

Whether it’s lighting a candle for an hour before bed, reading, using a meditating app, having a hot bubble bath or using a calming pillow mist... find your favorite relaxation method and give yourself some time to switch off.

4. Exercise daily

As well as being great for your mental health, exercising regularly can also help with your sleeping pattern. Vigorous exercise is best, but even a gentle jog is better than nothing.

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