2018 so bright you gotta wear shades

It's the beginning of 2018 which can only mean one thing. It's time to leave behind the dumpster fire that was 2017 and get prepared for the year of YOU! There are a lot of things you can do to make 2018 YOUR year. Start a new routine, change a bad habit, get a new wardrobe! An easy way to start out the year is by investing in a great pair of shades. Weather can be unpredictable (whether you're freezing your ass off or sweating like there's no tomorrow) but your fashion sense never has to suffer for it. The following are nine of EyeBuyDirect's most popular shades that'll keep you stylin' well into Spring and Summer.

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A fresh take on a vintage style, the Penelope comes in six different colors to fit whatever mood you're feeling that day. An image


Reminiscent of the oversized frames made popular by your favorite celebs, Crush comes in three pastel shades as well as a black. An image


The Angie makes bold moves with its four bright colors. Snag these if you want to feel like Marilyn Monroe on the daily. An image

The Hamptons

Make every day feel as if you're lounging by the beach. Inspired by the uber popular clubmasters of the 80s, take things back with The Hamptons. An image

Good Vibrations

The Good Vibrations will make you feel as you've taken things to the coast with the Beach Boys on the radio. Look like an extra straight out of Top Gun or get a pair for your friend so you can be Maverick and Goose. An image


Something for the nature lovers, the Ethereal puts you in touch with your ~natural~ side. Sleek and stylish, they're great for a casual outdoor hike or a trip around the city. An image

Deja vu

These frames will never go out of style. People won't know if they were your mom's in the 80s or something brand new. Classic frames for a classic you. An image


A light and fun pattern for a light and fun frame. Much like Deja vu, the Monroe offers a delicate option as you navigate 2018. Put these on and show the world that although you may be dainty, you mean business. An image


Pull a Miley with the Malibus. With their design inspired by wayfarers, feel laid back as you head into 2018. Don't take sh*t from anyone and flip your shades down to show you're not bothered. An image

Then again, I'm not a mind reader. Perhaps 2018 will be just as bad as 2017. That being said, embody Kris Jenner. Put your shades on and don't give a single f*ck as you make your way through the semester. An image Gif Source

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