15 sweaters that'll make you feel cozy af

Sweater Weather

The arrival of Fall can only mean one thing. Well, actually that’s a lie… the arrival of Fall means a lot of things. But the most important thing of all is sweater weather. What is sweater weather you may ask? It’s the magical season that begins as soon as the temperature drops and goes well into the early stages of Spring. It’s also the season where you get to bust out your coziest attire (accompanied by your favorite boots and scarves of course). Not sure where to even begin? Look no further! Below you’ll find a number of sweaters to fit any style (and any budget).

For the Cutting-edge:

Are you far from basic (even though you don’t mind integrating neutrals into your daily routine)? When you look for clothing, do you want something that stands out? Then you’re the Cutting-edge. For you, fashion is about finding the perfect balance between comfort and the next big thing. That’s why your ideal sweater is something with just the slightest edge. Boohoo is all about cutting edge fashion that doesn’t break the bank. Go on, take a chance on a distressed or oversized sweater.

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For the Beach Babe:

Ever find yourself wishing that Summer would never end? On the weekends can you be found at a beach bonfire or snuggling under a blanket? Then you’re probably the Beach Babe. You want a sweater that can be used as a layering piece in any season. Something that can go with both boots and flip flops. Hollister. is all about the endless summer lifestyle and has everything from knit sweaters to heavier outerwear. For you, there’s the Slouchy Crop Sweater. Pair it with your favorite leggings to be comfy af.

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For the Trendsetter:

Do you relish in people asking you where you got your outfit? Are you always three steps ahead of everyone when it comes to the latest trends? Then you’re the Trendsetter. For you, a simple sweater just won’t do. You want something with a little flair! Something that’ll make people take notice. ASOS is considered a global fashion destination and the hub of what’s new and trendy. Why not try a ruffled sleeve (and maybe ruffle a few feathers in the process)!

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For the Fashionista:

Got a passion for fashion? Is Carrie Bradshaw your style icon? If so, then you’re the Fashionista. You want something that says you know your stuff. For you, it’s all about the here and now. If it’s not in season, then it’s not for you. Wildfox has a line of signature sweaters that embody the effortlessness of your style. Try the Alchemy Icons or Shrine Living Sweater for an eye-catching ensemble that’ll have people asking “Who’s that girl?”.

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For the Comedienne:

Do your friends consider you the comic relief? For you, is fashion all about expressing your identity and causing a stir? Do you look to Zooey Deschanel and Kimmy Schmidt for style cues? Then you’re the Comedienne. Nothing is better than a cozy sweater that doubles as a conversation starter. Modcloth has the quirky and unique pieces to turn heads (they also have plenty of classic go-tos as well). Whether you want to display your love of dogs, cats, or breakfast foods, Modcloth has you covered.

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For the Traditionalist:

Does the thought of curling up by the fire with a good book appeal to you? Can your look be described as ‘timeless’? If the answer to either of these is yes, then you’re probably the Traditionalist. You favor clean lines and pieces that can go through multiple seasons over the latest trend. Rag and Bone has the luxe fabrics and classic sweaters you’re looking for. Try the wool Jubilee Sweater to keep comfy and cozy this fall.

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