11 DIY dorm decorations you can do over the summer


We love a good DIY and heading back to school gives us plenty of opportunity to break out our scissors and glue. Make sure your dorm decor is perfectly unique to you by taking a look at our favorite DIY looks courtesy of the one and only Pinterest!

1. Flower Wall

Super easy to prep at home and will instantly transform your sleeping sanctuary!

2. Tie Dye Curtains

Far out, man.

3. Keep the change, ya filthy animal

Stack as much change as you possibly can and by the end of the semester you'll be able to buy yourself a new outfit!

4. Galaxy in a jar

Mood lighting in a jar far far away...

5. Floral letter

If I were you I'd also make one for my roommate and then you'll be TWINS!

6. Wall art

You're bound to take some of your favorite photos with you to college, why not turn them into art?

7. Paint chip crafts!

This is my new favorite thing. They're usually FREE so you can get really crafty.

8. Where are you?

Is your dorm room in a high traffic area? This will keep everyone in the loop so they don't disturb your nap!

9. Storage crate seat

Storage AND seating? This is luxury.

10. Hula hoop chandelier

Lighting in dorm rooms is usually harsh. Try this chandelier instead!

11. Dry erase planner

Super easy and chic when you're doing your very best to be super organized.

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