10 things you need if you're having Game of Thrones withdrawals

Good News: Winter is coming. Bad News: It’s coming 3 months late this year. It’s March and we have a release date (July 16th!) and a teaser trailer that’s only voiceover and some animated effects, but nothing to really get me excited for the new season. I’m not ok with it. But now’s not the time to freak out, because HBO Store has the best selection of fan merch to keep us company until the 7-episode penultimate season releases on HBO.

Arya source

SPOILER ALERT: I’ll mention some plot points from Season 6 so if you’re not caught up please do so before reading.

I love this wine glass and am contemplating breaking a few of mine just to have an excuse to buy this one. If wine isn’t your thing, it also comes in a coffee mug, shot glass, and on t-shirts.

More Wine source

Remember the awesome music during the explosive opening sequence of the Season 6 finale? It’s here (cheekily titled Light Of The Seven), and all the great music from Season 6 by award-winning composer Ramin Djawadi is here, too.


This sweater is awesome and I desperately need one. It’s a sweatshirt but has the look of your favorite crewneck sweater that you could dress up with a buttondown shirt underneath or wear to class as-is.

Most intense game of Clue ever? It was Cersei Lannister, In the Sept of Baelor, with the Wildfire.

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Try not to cry. Fail miserably. And then make everyone around you cry, too when you’re sporting this Hodor tee.

You can use this time to take up a new hobby: Medieval style cooking! As a proud owner of this cookbook, I actually love it for the great mulled wine recipe and a killer seafood tart appetizer. If you don’t feel like making Pigeon Pie and Honeyed Locusts, most of the recipes include modern interpretations that are significantly easier.

GOT Party

Everyone loves to color, but instead of those weird adult coloring books use your creativity to recreate your favorite sets and moments from the show. Make sure to buy extra red markers.

Maybe you haven’t actually read the books yet, and honestly this is the perfect time to do it, before Season 7 starts and we continue beyond the books and into new territory. There’s a lot more in the books and they go off in different ways from the show, but it’s worth the few thousand pages.

SamBelle source

Jon Snow may know nothing, but you can know a thing or two about keeping dry in style.

Heat-sensitive mugs that change color with your coffee are pretty damn cool, and this one with Daenerys’ very long name is a great addition to your extensive novelty mug collection.

I know the wait feels terrible, but take a deep breath and don’t be like Tommen. You’ll get through it, and may The Seven save us all.

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