10 Things You Can't Do After College

After reading below, you’ll understand why college life = the good life. Make the most of these things people because they won’t last forever *cries*.

1. Surviving On 2 Hours Sleep

“The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep a night.” Blah-de-blah. 2 Hours Sleep Gif source

2. Week Day Drinking, Because Why Not?

Club probably ain’t going up on a Tuesday in the real world. Weekend Drinking Gif source

3. Free Stuff

Free food, free gym memberships etc. If only. Free Stuff Gif source

4. "I'll Clean Up Tomorrow!"

Alternatively, you could just hire a maid? Clean Up Gif source

 5. Living In Sweatpants

They’re just too casj, even for smart-casual. Sweatpants2 Gif source

6. Pizza For Breakfast

We all love pizza, but for breakfast?! Pizza Gif source

7. Drunken Snapchats At 3am

If you are going to do this, I would advise you don’t have your boss on social media. Recipe for disaster. Drunk Selfie Gif source

8. 24 Hour Netflix Binges

If only you could ignore all of your responsibilities for Netflix. Binge Gif source

9. Snoozing The Alarm

Snoozing the alarm and taking the ‘looks like I’m not showering this morning’ option probably won’t go down too well. Damn! Alarm Gif source

10. Doing Your Laundry With Febreze

Well, at least it smells better-ish? Laundry Gif source

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