10 day-to-night outfit staples

1. A bodysuit

Everyone should have a good bodysuit in their closet. These can be worn under skirts, jeans, track pants, leggings, etc. and can be dressed up or down. If you throw on a cute patterned bodysuit like this one from Boohoo with a pair of high-waisted jeans, you’ll be good to go from 10am-10pm.

2. Black jeans

I’m all about the black jeans trend. I think they’re perfect to go from a party to an internship, and from morning till night (or the wee hours of the next morning). You can pair them with any type of shoe and any type of shirt- so whether you want to go for a laid-back look with some sneakers and a vintage tee, or you want to dress it up with a nicer top (both choices wonderfully modeled here by BoohooMAN), you have a perfect canvas on which to create your masterpiece.

3. A carry-all bag

Sometimes a day-to-night outfit involves a change of footwear, jewelry, accessories, or even the addition of a jacket, so it’s important to have a bag that can accommodate all your “quick changes.” Getting a nice simple (and LARGE) bag, like this Kate Spade beauty, is a good idea because it will match everything, and it will hold everything. Plus, it makes a great addition to your outfit.

4. A t-shirt and blazer combo

I am THRILLED to announce that the casual blazer look is coming back. I’m a strong proponent of a nice laid-back jeans, tee, and blazer outfit, like this one from H&M. Plus, with the different layers that the outfit has, it’s easy to change the outfit up over the course of the day by simply removing or adding a layer. This is what I would wear to my internship on a Friday, knowing I was meeting friends afterwards.

5. Wide-legged denim

I think wide-legged jeans are the raddest thing right now (and yes, I purposely said “rad” because they’re a vintage trend). They’re like...the cool dress pants of jeans. I feel like all you need to do is add a cute tee, bodysuit, or blouse, and then maybe some ankle boots, for a look that can last you all day. I also love the Levi’s approach of a denim-on-denim look with some chunky heels!

6. A leather jacket

I have a theory that adding a leather jacket to ANYTHING can make it a cute night out outfit. Maybe this wouldn’t work with leather pants...but please feel free to persuade me. An outfit like this one from Rag & Bone can bring you from a class presentation to a night out with the ladies in a pinch. Plus, 10 bonus points for black jeans!!!


7. A tie-front shirt

A shirt like this one from Nasty Gal can go with a denim skirt, jeans of almost any color, and any jacket (leather, denim, etc.). You can pair it with slip on sneakers, sandals, or ankle boots, and you can make it dressy or casual. It’s a major staple in any day-to-night look, because it’s NEVER not appropriate.This Nasty Gal top is a perfect example of it-- take the sunglasses away and you’re set for the evening.

8. A bold print

Like the above Nasty Gal top, I think a bold print is the perfect option for a day to night look, because it’s the focal point of the outfit. It really doesn’t matter if you’re wearing light-wash jeans that are more daytime than night time- people will mainly be focused on the unique pattern on your shirt, which is a piece that can be worn at any time, day or night. If you want to be reeeeally bold and take a note from ASOS, you can even rock the “bold print” look on the top and bottom!

9. Some ~nice~ sneakers

If you’re going from day to night, I can only assume you’re doing a fair amount of walking and standing. Therefore, I can only assume you’re gonna want to be kind to your feet. Invest in a pair of cute sneakers, like these incredible Reebok beauties, that can look good at any time of day without killing your feet.

10. Layers

Especially as we get into the colder months, layering will be incredibly important so you don’t get cold at night. Until then, though, they’ll be there to help keep you warm in overly-air conditioned rooms, and will be able to keep you cool when you take them off. Plus, what outfit doesn’t benefit from a few layers? A cute flannel with a nice tee, like this American Eagle outfit, can keep things casual or make you look ~artsy~ and ~hipster~.

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