Winter skincare must-haves

This cold, winter weather can take a toll on much more than our productivity levels. Harsh winds and frosty mornings are a nightmare for your skin too. If you’re struggling with dry and dull looking skin on account of the season, here are some products to incorporate into your skincare regime that’ll keep you looking your best.

Facial oil

Facial oils are a godsend when it comes to both cleansing and moisturising. Swap your usual cleanser for an oil to ramp up the moisture and switch from a cream to a facial oil like this one from Kiehl’s for your final step in the evening. You’ll probably want to stick to a cream during the daytime if you’re wearing makeup, just think about going for a richer formula than your summer go-to. The Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream from The Body Shop is a great, affordable option.


Getting rid of dead skin cells is a must if you’re on a mission to have healthy winter skin. You could go for a heavy duty physical exfoliator that you can really feel working or, if your skin is on the more sensitive side, incorporate a chemical exfoliant into your routine, like Aveda’s Botanicals Kinetics Exfoliant. It helps smooth the skin’s surface and works for all skin types.

Hydrating Mask

If you don’t already mask, now’s the time to start. There are all sorts of masks available that are all designed to do different things, from cleansing to brightening, but a moisturising one is the key when it comes to your winter stash. This one from Dr. Jart + is available on ASOS if you want to get the most out of your UNiDAYs discount.

Dewy foundation

Dry skin and a matte foundation are the worst combination. That means that, as well as your skincare, you’ll need to re-evaluate your makeup collection. Opting for more moisturising base products like a dewy foundation and a liquid bronzer/blush means you’ll avoid those flaky patches that come with powders and dry products and keep your summer glow shining through the winter. MAC Studio Face and Body offers a lightweight, sheer coverage while Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation packs a little more of a punch.

Lip balm

Lip balm is great for moisture and protecting the skin itself from harsh winter weather. You could opt for something simple but effective like this balm from Burt’s Bees or try go for a tinted lip product that combines moisture with pigment. Benefit have a great range of balms that do just that.

Hand cream

Your hands are just as hard to keep moisturised as your face once the weather turns cold so investing in a good quality hand cream will be well worth the effort. Wearing gloves can stop them getting overly dry and damaged but having a dedicated cream on hand for when they do is a must. Look fantastic stock hand creams from the likes of La Roche-Posay and Caudalie.

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