Nine toxic things everyone should eliminate in 2019

New-ish year.

Maybe following a resolution?

It’s only been 6 months since 2019 began and I am already wallowing in the “Eh-maybe-next-year?” emotions. It seems this year had a lousy start and I couldn’t help but wonder why and how I could make sure it ended way better than it began. That’s when I realized something crucial. Our toxic attitudes and behaviors can be ruining our new-year-new-me vibes without us even realizing they’re toxic. Getting rid of these nine toxic things will change your year and attitude about the next.

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1. Putting your energy in a one-way friendship

If there’s anyone who knows what it’s like putting all of your efforts into a friendship with someone who doesn’t equally match that, it’s me. From people using me for homework to birthday gifts, I have a lot of experience as the mom friend...and MOMS ARE VERY UNAPPRECIATED. Trust me, it is far less lonely being alone than to feel alone in the midst of people.

2. Scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to others

One of the most unhealthy habits that nearly everyone has is going on social media binges and scrolling through photos of friends and strangers, thinking to ourselves “what if?” until we feel visibly worse than when you first opened your phone. It is crucial to realize that sites like Instagram and Facebook give the user the power to only portray what they want to; which means a glamourized, but very small glimpse of what someone’s life is actually like. Take a break from doing this and focus on being present in reality and actual life.

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3. Going to sleep with makeup on!!!

To my beautiful boys and girls who wear makeup, you look great! But, we are not here for falling asleep with it on. I get it; after work/school, your bed looks like Johnny Depp and you just want to jump in its arms, but it does not take too long to grab a wipe and remove the gunk off your face. Let your skin breathe! It’s 2019; skin care is a MUST.

4. Letting fears and insecurities win

It’s a scary world to live in with hatred lingering in the comment sections and the forced perceptions of beauty standards that are, to be quite frank, unrealistic (unless you consider Dr. Miami’s work the new “au naturale). However, no one should ever let this stop them from creating art and sharing that with the world. There’s always, always going to be mean people, but there are also people who need to see and hear what you have to say and show. You’re valid. You’re powerful. You’re worthy. Go ahead and post that bikini picture and rock those curves.

5. Hosting pity parties

Each person, despite our differences, faces struggles and problems. Whether it’s relationship trouble, financial worries, or the blues we can’t really explain, it happens to us all. But feeling bad for yourself is not going to change anything. It’s only going to suffocate your mental health and stop you from finding ways to solve the issue at hand. Reflect on what’s going great in your life and pick yourself up and get back at it.

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6. Wasting time being unproductive

It’s been said, time and time again: life waits for NO ONE! You got a dream? Something you want really bad? Well, you’ve got to go out and get it. Like the queen of America once said, “You gotta work b*h.” Gotta love Britney Spears. If you find yourself laying in bed all day surrounded by snacks, unfulfilled goals, and seasons of Riverdale on Netflix, you’re WASTING TIME. Set goals for yourself and work towards them. Believe it or not, a part-time job gives you responsibilities...and a lovely paycheck. You won’t reap the benefits of hard work from laying in bed. Get up lazy and go be amazing.

7. Justifying toxic behaviors because the people doing them are people we love.

No explanation needed.

8. Playing the victim...when you are in the wrong

Humans are stubborn and we have this tendency to distort things that happen to put ourselves in a favorable light. Yet, we all make mistakes. We hurt people, intentionally and unintentionally. We cannot excuse our behavior because of how WE feel and OUR past. Apologize. Grow as a person.

9. Not paying attention to the world around you

There is an entire world beyond what you can imagine. Educate yourself on what’s going on. Knowledge is beautiful and powerful.

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