Living with new people

Starting university is a daunting experience for everyone. You’ll probably be having feelings of nervousness and excitement and not really knowing what to expect!  The UNiDAYS team have been through it all, from moving to uni, living on campus and renting with friends, so here are our tips on the do’s and don’ts when living with new people:


Spend Fresher’s Week loving life

Katie says put yourself out there and make new friends and try new experiences. Sure some you'll never do again, but you don't know until you try!

Pace yourself

If you haven’t gone hard before you get to freshers week, try and pace yourself. You don’t want to be the girl that vommed on someone they only just met and had to be carried home! Try and keep your dignity for as long as possible and drink responsibly - mixing your drinks is where it all goes wrong! living-with-people-article-2 Image c/o Charlotte Martin

Go to Freshers events

Make the effort to go with your new flatmates to freshers events to see what societies and sports teams there are for you to join.  You’ll soon find out who has similar interests to you which will help to break the ice.

Clean up after yourself

You no longer have your mum to clean up after you! Dan says don't leave your dishes on the side in the kitchen and then go away for the weekend. Your housemates will put them in the hall outside your bedroom door! living-with-people-article-1 Image c/o Charlotte Martin

Be yourself

Don’t go to uni trying to impress people and reinvent yourself as someone you’re not, people will eventually see through it. It’s really important to try and make a good first impression!



Exclude yourself

Sitting in your room with the door closed is no way to make friends and you’ll only feel worse for not joining in early on.

Use Blue Tack On Your Walls

You will get charged an absolute fortune for it to be repainted... Or just sweet talk the halls manager into letting you off!

Stick with people you’ve known before university

Charlotte says if you and a few of your friends are going to the same uni, steer clear of each other for freshers week to give you both a chance to make new friends and have your own experiences.

Reveal all of your most embarrassing secrets playing ‘I have never’

We suggest tactically choosing when to drink!

Be the loud one

If a housemate is a little quiet and wants their own space, let them be. You don't know what's going through their head, so show some respect and don't be too loud when you get in after a night out.

Leave your flat door open after a night out

Your neighbours will probably steal the contents of your fridge. Nightmare.

Put food colouring in your milk "so people won't steal it'

Allie says people will think you're the weird girl with purple milk!

Get a flat pet

You'll be loud, drunk and end up leaving it at home for your parents to look after.   Hero Image Link:

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