How uni doesn't prepare you for life

So you’ve just started uni and you’re back to feeling like a small fish in a big pond; it’s like school all over again! Look at those third year students, they look like proper adults who have everything figured out, right? Wrong - because there are just some things that university can’t prepare you for...

1. Money

In the working world, you get paid every month rather than just 3 times a year. So you would think you’d suddenly have loads of money but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Say hello to bills, rent and paying taxes! Article-size_misc(uni)_3 Image source

2. Discount

On top of that, when you leave uni you can say goodbye to your beloved student discount (*cries*). All of a sudden, you won’t be able to knock some money off that online shopping order in your head when you’re justifying buying it and drinks will suddenly seem a lot more expensive. 

3. Street smart

You may now have a deep understanding of early English history or be able to recite multiple facts about every theorist under the sun but no one ever taught you how to get a mortgage or pay your water bill. Article-size_misc(uni)_4 Image source

4. Food

It’s so unfair that the second you leave uni, a pot noodle for breakfast at 1 in the afternoon is no longer a socially acceptable meal. At least you’ll no longer have to worry about your flat mates stealing your food! Article-size_misc(uni)_2 Image source

5. Clothes

Chances are that you haven’t had to wear anything remotely smart in your 3 years at uni and so office-dressing might be a shock to the system. My advice is to invest in some key pieces before your student discount expires! Even if you don’t end up in a job that calls for smart clothes then you’ll definitely need them for interviews.

6. Work

So you left all your work until the week before your deadline and then had to pull an all-nighter (or a few) to get it done and could barely keep your eyes open the next day. Well I think someone might notice if you’re napping at your desk at 9am and falling asleep on public transport is risky business so it’s better to just get in a routine and write yourself some to-do lists. You may not have deadlines in the same way anymore but you’ll still be expected to get your work done on time. Article-size_misc(uni)_5 Image source

7. Neighbours

Post-university your neighbours will probably be people you don’t have much in common with and rarely speak to. So make the most of having all your best mates living with or next to you while you can!

8. Going Out

Student night is basically every night in popular university towns; you’ll never hear a student say ‘I can’t go out tonight, it’s a Tuesday’. Fast forward to being a graduate working a 9-5 job and people will look at you like you’re crazy if you suggest a random mid-week rager. But it does make you look forward to and enjoy the weekends more!

9. Fancy Dress

During freshers week, you could basically live in fancy dress outfits either bought, begged or borrowed. But after university the only time you’ll ever need one is on halloween and possibly for the odd party or stag/hen do. In other words, don’t be fooled into buying loads while you’re at uni because you will not use them again! Share outfits with your friends or rework things you already have in your wardrobe. Article-size_misc(uni)_1 Image source

10. Holidays

At university, you get a month off at Christmas, a month off at Easter and then a massive 3 months over Summer and yet even that doesn’t feel like enough to binge-watch every single show that Netflix has to offer. Well once you’re working, you’ll probably get a month's holiday to use over the whole year. So bank holidays are your new best friends!

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