Armchair travel: 5 instagram accounts that will transport you around the world

Lockdown conditions mean we’re all having to be a little more creative in order to get our travel fix these days. So while it may not be possible to leave our homes, that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the world vicariously, and Instagram is the perfect place to do it. Here are 5 of our favourite grammers to take you round the world from the comfort of your couch.

Hand Luggage Only

Lively, a bit wild, and refreshingly diverse, London-based lads Yaya and Lloyd are two of the coolest travel bloggers on the interwebs. Naturally, their Insta account is a reflection of their fun and vibrant personalities and a colourful celebration of their jet-setting lifestyle.

They’re prolific story publishers and these are a mix of hilarious skits and dreamy travel journals. Not least because this pair have visited some truly magical destinations - check out their story highlights of Lapland, Havana, and Tokyo for an introductory taste.

Lost With Purpose

Solo adventurer Alex is a true trailblazer and her Instagram account is both thought provoking and challenging, sometimes in contrast to the gorgeous images on display in her feed. She takes on complicated subjects like the ethics of travel photography, the prevalence of white male voices in travel writing, or the multiple barriers facing solo female travellers and really makes you think about them deeply.

Hailing from the U.S., Alex spends much of her time in places that aren’t the usual travelgram fodder. Get ready to discover destinations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran and see the world from a different perspective.

Along Dusty Roads

British duo Along Dusty Roads, aka Andrew and Emily, are passionate photographers, slow travel enthusiasts, and budgeting extraordinaires. They pride themselves on doing things just a little bit differently, and that’s exactly what you’ll discover on their Insta feed.

The images are truly gorgeous and have a real romantic quality to them, with a more recent focus on portraits of the interesting faces they meet along the way. But they’re also lovers of the great outdoors so you’ll see snaps of their many hikes, beautiful beaches, and luscious landscapes galore.


Aussie adventure junkies Alesha and Jarryd have spent over a decade on the road exploring every corner of the globe. In that time they’ve racked up expeditions to less explored destinations as diverse as the Antarctic, Kyrgyzstan, and The Cook Islands.

Whether they’re snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, or scuba diving, you can be sure that excitement is top of their agenda wherever they go. Thankfully Nomadasaurus are also masterful photographers and document it all on their Instagram feed so you can admire the stunning shots even if you’re not the adventure type yourself.

Eternal Expat

Eternal Expat’s Laura Bronner is a resident of Mexico City and absolute expert on the country as a whole. Having lived there for numerous years and written about it extensively including for publications like Lonely Planet, that title is well deserved. Her Instagram feed showcases the amazing colours, culture and top places to visit in what is still a much maligned country. Her feed really shows this captivating place in the best light, while her stories are full of delicious looking tacos and craft beer. It’s a love letter to Mexico.

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