8 interview tips to get you the job

We caught up with two of our lovely Talent Acquisition team, Matt and Clare for some seriously useful tips and tricks to help you nail those all-important interviews. We asked you guys what you'd like to know about interviews on Snapchat and these are a few of the awesome questions that you wanted to know the answers to. We hope this helps... and good luck!

1. How would you answer a question when they say what are your weaknesses?

Matt: "Be honest but not too honest, always try to put a positive spin on things."

Clare: "Show some self-awareness - talk about your weaknesses but also think about what you have done or are doing to improve."

2. How would you advise to prepare for an assessment day?

Matt: "The same way you'd prepare for an interview, research the company and the people involved in the interview if you can."

Clare: "Have a think about the sort of skills that the company would be looking for in tasks and make sure you are prepared so that you can show these off."

3. What kind of body language should you use in an interview?

Matt: "No fidgeting, no distractions, always make eye contact. Don't slump!"

Clare: "You want to show that you are confident but it's important not to overthink this, otherwise it will come across as unnatural."

4. What types of questions should you ask after?

Clare: "What are you really interested to know? This is your chance to check it's the right job for you, think about possible progression, the team you will be working with etc."

Matt: "My go-to questions are always what challenges I'd be facing within the first 3 months of my job. And, perhaps ask what the business objectives are, what would you have to do to hit them? That's a really interesting question to ask."

5. What makes a candidate stand out from others?

Matt: "Always be yourself, think about what's made you different. Always think about your achievements and think about why the business is recruiting and how you can solve their problem. Be confident and don't try and be someone else!"

Clare "A real passion for the role and the company."

6. What would you suggest to wear for an interview?

Clare: "It is important that you feel comfortable, but keeping it formal for a first stage interview gives a good first impression"

Matt: "Then, you can gauge the level of formality at the company and for a second interview you can go a little more smart-casual and show some personality if you think it's appropriate. Base it on what the interviewer was wearing in your first interview."

7. What do you do if they throw a really hard or unexpected question at you?

Matt: "Take your time to think about it, don't rush into anything."

Clare "Don't panic, the likelihood is that you have a good answer so take some time to find it."

8. How do I appear confident in an interview?

Matt: "Always remember that you're interviewing them. You might not even want that job! They have to convince you that it's a great place to work too."

Clare "There is a reason why you were invited to the interview in the first place, have some faith in yourself, it will come across as more credible."

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