6 gifts to buy the person who has everything

We all know a person who has everything. They’re difficult to buy for at the best of times but when it comes to Christmas, they’re next-level tricky. Here are some ideas for gifts even the person who has everything would appreciate if you’re struggling to think of some.

1. An experience

Scrap the usual wrapped up gift in favour of an experience. They’re much more memorable and an opportunity to really tailor your present to your friend or family member. You’ll find everything from adrenalin-filled activities to laid back spa days online.

2. A book

There’s no way they own the entire contents of Waterstones so a book is a fool proof gift for someone who has everything. Do some digging, find a few books they don’t have and get a selection that’ll last them.

3. Make them something

If you’re the creative kind, put your skills to good use and make them something – it’s a sure-fire way to give them something you know for sure they don’t already have! A cake, some artwork, and a scrapbook are just a few ideas of the things you could get crafty with.

4. Photo album

Encourage them to print their photos with a good album. You could even start it for them, filling it with photos of your memories together if you want to make it a little more personal.

5. Food or drink

Who doesn’t like food and drink? A gift set of their favourite confectionary, an IOU for a Christmas dinner or a festive-themed cooking class are all ways you could incorporate it into a gift for your hard-to-buy-for friend.

6. Subscription

A magazine or music subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. If they’ve got everything you could possibly wrap up, this is a great unwrappable alternative they’ll be sure to appreciate.

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