6 Game of Thrones quotes to use in the classroom

Season 8 is coming

We’ve all been there: you think of the sickest, most appropriate one-liner for your rousing class discussion… AFTER everyone is gone and class is up. It just so happens that we all love Game of Thrones as well!

So, to kill two ravens with one stone, here’s a list of 6 fantastic quotes from everyone’s favorite show that you can whip out on your professors, classmates, or really just anyone, anytime, anywhere (Season 8 is coming anyway, it’s time we all brushed up on our Thrones quotes).

1. "I read it in a book." – Samwell Tarly

Sure, this one isn’t as flowery as they come, but it’s a succinct line that can boost your rep in class. Not to mention, it comes from the biggest nerd on the show. Try using this quote as a follow up to something you pulled out of the class textbook to score brownie points with the professor. Of course, bear in mind, you may actually need to do some reading outside of class to make this one work.

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2. "A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep." – Tywin

Be careful with this spicy Lannister line - it may not be as “safe for work” as the others. But what a perfect line for someone who thinks you should stop talking and listen to them instead (we all know that one friend). Let’s be cautious around our professors with this one - unless you think they’ve got the humor and the sense to handle it.

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3. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” – Tyrion

Ah, we love a witty Tyrion line - granted, this one is much more poetic than the others on this list, but hey, we’ll take anything to improve the teacher’s impression of our intellect, right? Perhaps you can use this one to back your teacher up against an apathetic attacker in class? Extra points if your teacher is a fan of the show.

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4. “I shall wear this bruise like a badge of honor” - Cersei

A perfect sassy Cersei remark to follow up a dig from another classmate. Bonus points: this line is extra confusing if they don’t watch the show. (Hopefully you won’t need to use this the same way the Queen Mother had to) You could even use this after receiving a poor grade on an assignment or paper… always good to make light of a poor situation, right?

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5. “The past is the past, the future is all that’s really worth discussing” - Petyr Baelish

Here’s another excellent retort to use after receiving a poor score. Ever get chewed out by a teacher for not doing as well as they might have liked? Petey B’s got you. It’s in the past! Note, be wary of using this line in history classes…

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6. “You know nothing Jon Snow” – Ygritte

Okay, no GoT quote list would be complete without this classic line, delivered by wildling Ygritte to Jon Snow. It just so happens that this quote can be easily used on campus as well! Sure, it’s not exactly the most eloquent, but what is someone supposed to say if you drop a bomb like this?

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I hope you loved these selections for the best ice cold (I might even say wintery) one-liners to use in and around the classroom. Be careful not to get yourself in trouble and keep studying up! April 14th is just around the corner, and it’s time to get hyped.

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