5 tips to boost your wellbeing

If this year is going to be about one person. Make that person you. There is no one more important than yourself. Honestly.

Student life can be tough, it isn’t easy. With numerous responsibilities and having to juggle your social life, education, family, health and wellbeing and a job to name a few… things can sometimes get a little too much.

That’s why we’re here with a friendly reminder to take a step back from your busy schedule and focus on yourself.

1. Share

Don’t keep things bottled up. If your mental health isn’t great, tell someone you can trust. If they’re a good friend, they will want to help you through the difficult times. It’s not a sign of weakness, but taking control of your wellbeing.

2. Keep active

Whether you get the stairs instead of the lift or go to the gym three times a week. There’s always a way to find a small amount of time to get active. Regular exercise has so many benefits. From boosting your self-esteem and helping you concentrate, to those happy endorphins after a good work out! Like they say, you’ll never regret a workout.

3. Digital detox

Take some time out away from your phone and other technologies. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, why not spend the time reading, trying out a new hobby or going for a walk. A change of scenery is good for your mental health. Another tip is if someone is making you feel bad on social media… hit that unfollow button. Don’t be scared to put yourself first.

4. Keep in touch

Being at uni you’ll make lots of new friends, but it’s important to keep in contact with the people who care about you and know you the best.

5. Eat healthy

You know the saying: you are what you eat. It’s been proven that there’s strong links between what we eat and how we feel. Make sure you’re eating regular meals and getting that fruit and veg in. You’ll definitely feel better for it.

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