5 must have items to nail the skater vibe

You don’t have to be Tony Hawk to know that the skater style is one of the most laid-back, super cool looks around.

And whether you know your trucks from your tail or not, you can still learn how to nail this look and give your wardrobe the 360 with my five must-have items.

1. Nike SB Tropical T Shirt

The oversized white tee is a classic staple to this casj look. This Nike SB number has an awesome, tropical print on the back, giving off all the summer vibes. The minimal branding on the front means you can wear this super casual or dressed up a bit more in the evenings.

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2. Route One Cargo Pants

It’s time to drop the skinny jeans and instead opt for these relaxed, loose fit cargo pants. The loose fit is super comfy and ideal for moving freely when skating. These take a little getting used to at first but you’ll grow to love them, trust me!

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3. Vans Chima Pro II

I’m absolutely loving these Vans. They’re a little different from the usual old skools you’ll see everywhere right now. The trainers have a huge range of features designed for those that skate too but their main benefit is that they’ll look awesome paired with the cargo trousers above.

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4. Brixton Bueller Shirt

Skating is all about showing off moves as crazy as your clothing and this shirt is definitely up there. This relaxed fit shirt is throwing off all the 70s Hawaiian vibes and would look just as good on a skateboard as it would a dancefloor.

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5. Penny Skateboard

A Penny skateboard is the ultimate accessory to any skateboard look. The flexibility and portability of the Penny makes it any cruisers best friend. Whether you’re used to riding or not, you can pick up some basic skills pretty quickly and a little authenticity to your brand new look.

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There we have it guys, my five must-have items to nail the skater vibes. You can also get 10% off of all of these products and more right now, when you head over to the Route One website!

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