3 things you need to know about uni kitchens

It’s hard not to believe the stigma around uni kitchens and how horrible they are. Most of the rumours are true, unfortunately. Just have faith that you’ll get situated with clean flatmates when you move to your accommodation.

Here are 3 things you need to know about uni kitchens before you move into your accommodation, remember expectations lead to disappointment.

1. They’re gross, so don’t expect the same hygiene as your kitchen at home

Yes, most* of the rumours are true, your uni kitchen is most likely going to be grim and no matter how much you put things away and throw stuff in the bin, it’s not going to look as homely as your kitchen at home.

You’ve had the luxury of living at home with a kitchen that seems so easy to clean, but once you move to your uni kitchen that’s all about to change.

However, keeping that in mind, you might be very (very) lucky and land yourself a flat with flatmates who keep their kitchen sparkling. If that’s the case- count those blessings.

2. Your flatmates will use your stuff

Now, this isn’t to say they’re going to steal your food and use all your milk (although that does happen), this means someone in your flat, at one point during your stay will use something of yours. Whether it be a tea towel, teaspoon, cheese grater or chopping board.

You may as well go into this experience expecting this behaviour, to save yourself from disappointment.

3. Everyone should have allocated spaces

It’s a good idea to allocate kitchen cupboard space and fridge space to each person who lives in your flat.

Doing this saves fridge issues or not having enough space in a cupboard for all of the useless utensils that you’ll realise by the end of your academic year you’ve never used and will never use.

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