10 things I wish I knew before uni

1. Disconnecting from the internet while you work is the only way to get things done effectively. If you think having Twitter, Facebook and Spotify open simultaneously won’t be an issue while you work, you’re wrong. Close it all down. Disconnect from the internet if you don't need it for your course. Actually get stuff done.
2. First year Freshers is overrated. It’s mainly pre-drinking with a bunch of people trying desperately to be friends with each other and, generally, it’s not the 10/10 experience you think it will be. Probably a solid 7. Oh and that’s just first year, after that Freshers is a much more enjoyable experience. 3. Don’t judge the quality of your work or your study methods against other people on your course. If you started the assignment months ago and someone tries to say you’re crazy for doing so, don’t worry, they’ll probably fail anyway.
4. Download an app for referencing. There’s a few of them around so have a little search online. Scan the book you’re using, tap in the page numbers and it splurts out your reference. Sorted. 5. Freeze everything you can. Bread, meat, anything with a ‘suitable for home freezing’ label. 6. It’s the alcohol that makes you gain weight. If you want to keep your current shape whilst at uni, watch your alcohol intake. Steer clear of beer and cider - opt for gin and vodka instead. Or if you’re serious about fitness, barely drink at all. 7. You’re not rich when your student loan comes in. It feels like it, hell yeah, but once you’ve splurged £150 on clothes and your phone bill and food, it soon starts to fizzle out. The second your loan comes in, divide it by the number of weeks you have until the next one comes in. That’s your budget. Maybe allow yourself a one-off shopping trip to begin with if you can afford it. 8. Use your free time to better yourself. Once you graduate you’ll be in full time work so now is your best chance to learn a new language, throw yourself into sport or just learn about the things you’re interested in.
9. Type up your notes. If you’re okay with hand writing notes during lectures then definitely do that, but typing them after afterwards will not only reinforce your knowledge but it means you’ll have a tidy record of all your lecture notes. If you do use your laptop to take notes, turn your WiFi off during lectures. 10. It’s more difficult to blag it. When it comes to handing it assignments, the sort of work you handed in at GCSE and A Level really won’t cut it. You have to read books (and lots of them) and you’ll learn very quickly that making it up as you go along won’t get you far.

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