10 job hunting tips you need to know

Graduation - done and dusted, right? This is on one part amazing because you totally did it, you actually graduated from uni and you actually have a real life degree. But, on the other part, it’s time for the job hunt which you should have definitely already started. I’ve grilled the recruitment team here at UNiDAYS for some top tips for CVs, LinkedIn profiles and interviews so you can be 100% prepared!

1. Keep it professional

Make sure you have a professional photograph as your LinkedIn photo, not one of you on holiday with cocktail or pint in hand. Also, remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform and it isn't for sending personal messages or commenting on posts with personal feelings or talking to your mates. Just stick to Facebook for this!

2. Be clear and relevant

In your LinkedIn bio you should explain what you studied at uni, what your dissertation was on and mention the best marks that you received. Then go on to say what you are looking for in your next position. Do you want to go straight into a job? Are you after a grad scheme? Or would you be happy as a trainee and learning on the job in whatever you want to do? Here is the best place to explain all of this.

Also, add in a few bits about yourself, what you enjoy out of work, recent experiences like volunteering or charity work and a couple of strengths. For example, you could volunteer in a charity shop on a Sunday, this would show that some of your strengths could be selflessness or organisation.

In terms of past work experience, include the most recent and relevant. If you have had 6 different retail jobs over your time at uni, it's not worth putting them all unless they all gave you a very different experience. If you had a year out or a placement make sure that this is accounted for on your CV and your LinkedIn and bulk it out with responsibilities and mention anything that you enjoyed over this time.

3. Socialise

Join as many relevant LinkedIn groups as you can. This way you will meet and connect with other professionals similar to yourself. This will also help LinkedIn generate the ‘Best Jobs Out There’ targeted to you.

4. Match it up

Make sure that your employment dates are matched on both your CV and on LinkedIn - this is essential! ‌‌

5. No jargon

If you cut out all the jargon that you usually see on CVs you'll be halfway to standing out. Phrases like 'hard-working' and 'dynamic' don't actually mean anything without examples to back them up so either leave them out or provide solid evidence of a time that you were hard-working.

6. Check and check again

Spelling and grammar are everything when it comes to getting a job. Even if it's just a silly mistake, it could cost you an interview! Get someone you trust to proofread your CV before you send it out anywhere and always come back to it with fresh eyes after you think it's complete as you may have missed something.

7. Achievements

On your CV, add an achievements section underneath each role, this can really support with interview questions and can also prompt you if your mind goes blank during the questions! It also shows that you achieved something in each role that you have been in, it gives a little something extra to your CV.

8. Keep it smart

This is a tricky one - but wear something smart depending on the company. If the company is very ‘corporate’ i.e. banking or law then a suit is a definite. If the company is modern/startup attitude then a shirt, smart jeans and brogues is always a good look for guys and a smart dress or skirt/trousers & top combination is an easy win for the girls. If you're really not sure then don't worry as you can never be too overdressed!

9. Take your time and be relatable

Take your time answering questions and never rush into anything. Also, always try and relate your answers back to experience as this can really back your case. Even if this was at uni or at your football club on a Saturday afternoon, an example is an example.

10. Never ask about salary

According to Team Talent this is an instant turn off, so save these discussions for if you are offered the job.

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