10 hungover thoughts everyone has

Hangovers are the worst. When they’re especially bad, you wake up wondering what happened, where you are, and even who you are; well what’s left of you anyway after all dignity has been lost. The hardest decision is deciding when to cross the line from feeling hideously sick to craving greasy food, if you eat too soon there’s no going back! No matter how hard you try to get yourself together, you feel like there is no end to this world of pain. Uni always brings the hangovers from hell and suffering you didn’t even know existed, so it’s time to familiarise yourself with 10 thoughts everyone has when they’re hungover…

1. What happened last night?!

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2. How much did I drink?! WINE IS EVIL.

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3. There are parts of my body that hurt that I didn’t even know could feel pain. SEND HELP

4. Need. Water.

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5. Will the world ever stop spinning?

I think I’m still drunk. I’M GOING TO PUKE. Maybe I’ll just sit by the toilet for a while feeling sorry for myself...

6. I wonder what the minimum order is for pizza delivery?

Is 10am a reasonable time to order? Or, I could got to Taco Bell! I’ll deal with the body guilt later... giphy-2 via giphy.com

7. Wait, where is my purse?

Why is half the contents of my life missing?! Fail. I have brought shame to the human race. I am never drinking again. giphy-3 via giphy.com

8. Maybe it’s time to take last night’s makeup off.

On second thoughts, that would definitely require too much effort. giphy-4 via giphy.com


Why did I try and ring half of my phonebook at 3am?! Mortified. giphy-5 via giphy.com

10. Someone definitely cried last night. Oh wait... was that me?! If I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

giphy-6 via giphy.com

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