The 7 spring 2019 trends you need to get ready for

Tie-Dye? For spring? Groundbreaking.

It’s officially spring (regardless of what the temperature outside says!), and we’re ready to stock up on this season’s must-haves.

Before you go crazy with your online shopping, make sure to take note of this season’s hottest trends so you can plan accordingly.


Bold prints of all kinds are going to be big this season, but that means more than just bright florals. Tie-dye is going to start creeping back into our wardrobes very soon, so don’t throw away that old tee from spring recruitment just yet.


In spring of 2019 we are DONE putting together full outfits. Boilersuits are joining the likes of rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses as our go-to last minute outfit champions. I’m very interested to watch this trend evolve, but in the meantime, I love where it’s heading.


No surprise here. Neon isn’t going anywhere just yet! The brighter, the better this spring. It’ll come in extra handy at parties that have blacklights!

......And neutrals

On the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, we have neutrals as a lasting trend this spring. Pairing neon and neutrals is a bold, but rewarding move… but keeping them seperate while you work your way up to it is fine too. We still love a simple and elegant neutral outfit!

Chunky sneakers

To either your dismay or delight, we’re not getting rid of the chunky dad sneaker trend quite yet. It’s all about the statement sneaker this spring, and what makes more of a statement than….these? (is it clear that I’m team #regularsizedsneakers?)


Your grandma is gonna be psyched. The 70s are v much alive with crochet and fringe coming back to our wardrobe. Wear it over something else for a cute layered look, or keep things nice and see-through if you want! There are no rules (YET)!

Biker shorts

Yep, ‘1980s workout video chic’ is still happening. This spring we’re wearing biker shorts with denim jackets, as matching sets, with cropped tops, with long tops, and in pretty much every color. They’re sticking around BIG time.

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