Just exactly what IS off-white? And how can I wear it?

For some, wearing white clothing can seem quite intimidating. It gets dirty easy and can draw quite a lot of attention. It’s something that requires a certain amount of grace to carry off and having the ability to not spill your morning coffee down your white blouse is a talent in itself. It’s no wonder so many people are apprehensive.

Thankfully, there is a highly fashionable alternative to those summer white nightmares and it is as easy as turning the shade of white down a touch. Off white is the latest colour trend sweeping the runway, and it doesn’t differ much from white at all.

Off white has been called the “it” colour of the season. It’s new, different and fresh and offers more fluidity when it comes to wearing it, much more than when it comes to wearing plain white. Much of this trend has come from the rise of the high-end label Off-White, the birth-child of Virgil Abloh, former creative director for Kanye West.

Virgil ignited the off white trend flame, and ever since it has been fanned by other brands jumping on the trend. A lot of brands focus on beige, cream and ivory colours and have taken fashion trends from complicated and messy to plain and simple.

How Do I Wear Off White?

If you want to get on top of the trend, it’s easy to pair off white pieces of clothing with pieces already in your wardrobe. From top to bottom, off white is a clothing colour that can completely reinvent your style.

An image When it comes to wearing off white, it’s important to not only mix different textures but different tones too. Pair different toned tops and bottoms that compliment one another and you’ll be good to go.

An image For example, take a cream coloured t-shirt and wear it with slim fitted denim. You can also wear an off white shirt or blouse with black work trousers for an office look that’s band on trend. Don’t be afraid to mix light layers. A bomber jacket or trench coat can easily transform your outfit, and a pair of off white boots or trainers will brighten up a darker outfit combination. An image

Brands That Are Embracing Off-White

A lot of established and up-and-coming brands are embracing the off white trend. From accessories to hoodies, there is a fashion item that is sure to be a key addition to your AW18 wardrobe.

An image


Established in 2013, NICCE has earned their place as a premium global fashion brand. Famed for their take on the casual and streetwear trends that have swamped fashion over the past few years, they’ve managed to stay true to their roots.

In true NICCE style, they’ve released their own collection of select off white clothing pieces. With the majority of pieces made from 100% cotton, a piece of off white clothing is sure to last the wave of the off white trend thanks to the excellent quality. Their NICCE campus hoodie will look good paired with a pair of denim jeans or athleisure leggings as the weather turns a little colder.

Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys are a new and exciting clothing brand that are taking the streetwear clothing trend by storm. Add the off white trend into the mix, and they are set to dominate the style stakes this year.

Their off white pieces include a range of products, from socks to hoodies and t-shirts to underwear, no clothing item has been left untouched by the off white trend. If you want a simple piece of clothing to add to your collection, this is the brand for you.


Originated in New York, Supreme is at the forefront when it comes to streetwear. With legions of fans and masses of celebrity admirers, the brands 22 year history has seen them work with musicians, artists, photographers and fellow designers to grow into the brand that is so well loved today.

Their take on the off white trend has proved popular and has spread across their clothing range. Their unisex off white t-shirt is perhaps one of the most popular items, especially on the streetwear scene. As we start to make our way into fall, add one of their oversized off white hoodies to your wardrobe to combine two of the biggest AW18 trends.

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