How to balance a relationship and school

1: Come up with a morning ritual and stick to it!

Once I get started on all the work I have to do each day it can be easy to run out of time to take care of myself. Mornings are usually the slowest time of my day which means I can set aside time for some self-love. This can mean anything you want it to. I recommend journaling, making your bed, taking care of your skin, enjoying a cup of green tea, and wearing an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.

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2: Make study dates a weekly thing

Don’t feel pressured to go out to dinner or watch movies if you know that you’ll be thinking about the hours of homework you’ll have to do later. There’s no reason why you can’t be productive with your significant other. My boyfriend and I like to meet up at our local library or try out different cafés while we do our assignments together.

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3: Set aside time to be alone and recharge

If you’re doing school work all day and spending time with your friends or partner at night it can be hard to find time for yourself. I try to go on an hour long hike 4-5 days a week so that I can have time to be introspective and exercise. Figure out what sort of activity allows you to recharge!

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4: Communication is key

If you and your partner are on the same page about how much work you have you won’t feel overwhelmed or worried about balancing your time. The workload in college has its ups and downs. It’s okay to put school first sometimes and then spend more time with your S.O. when you’re both less stressed.

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5: Take interest in your girlfriend/boyfriend/other's work

My boyfriend is studying fashion design and I am studying creative writing. Since we are learning about very different subjects it’s fun to help each other brainstorm ideas for assignments. Motivate each other and get excited about each other’s work. This keeps school fun!

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I am a full time creative living in Southern California. I spend my days painting, working at an Art Gallery, illustrating and writing children’s books, blogging, and studying online at The New School.

I love going on hikes, drinking tea, reading books, daily journaling, and spending time in the sun (I am a solar powered human). I am an advocate for feminism, inclusivity, and the environment.

My greatest passion is collaborating with other artists from around the globe to help promote those who would not otherwise have a platform to be seen/heard. I am a dreamer, I am introspective, and I am ambitious. If you’re interested in seeing more of me and my work feel free to check out my Instagram and Blog.

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