Here's what kind of dog you are based on your zodiac sign

Puppy love

Everyone is some type of dog (unless you're Donna Meagle, in which case you're a cat). The type of dog you are is written in the stars, and it's time to reveal the truth.

Aries: German Shepherd

German Shepards are aggressive protectors and very active, just like an Aries. Just like a German Shepard, you're an extremely hard worker who strives for perfection. You want to keep your reputation of a total boss, after all! An image Img source

Taurus: Daschund

Dachunds are stubborn just like you, a Taurus, BUT they are highly trainable and receptive to learning. When provoked, a Daschund (or a Taurus) will take on an opponent 5 times its size to prove its strength. An image Img source

Gemini: Bearded Collie

Geminis and bearded collies alike are smart, active, and engaged in whatever situation is going on. They're both naturally gorgeous, and veryyyy stubborn. True queens. An image Img source

Cancer: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are gentle, affectionate, and supportive. They have a way of comforting you and making you feel better no matter what you're going through.They're a genuine delight to be around, just like you. An image Img source

Leo: Rottweiler

Rottweilers are intelligent and confident, a true alpha. They believe in themselves, and are ready to defend themselves whenever necessary. Just like a Rottweiler, a Leo can be aggressive when necessary...but, you're good at reading a situation and determining when your "tough side" needs to come out. An image Img source

Virgo: Jack Russell Terrier

Virgos, just like Jack Russells, are fun and energetic with an amazing work ethic. But, I mean, you knew that already... after all, you're the same sign as Beyoncé! An image Img source

Libra: Goldendoodle

Like a Goldendoodle, Libras have an easy-going temperament and can get along with anyone. You know how to bring people together and keep the drama to a minimum. You're uncontroversial, well-liked, and social.
An image Img source

Scorpio: Beagle

They are active, couragous, loyal dogs that love affection. They are also very intelligent as they are coined the 'Sherlock Holmes' of dogs. Like Beagles, Scorpios are great at finding receipts and doing the necessary research on anything or anyone. But don't forget that both Beagles and Scorpios alike thrive on affection and have a (not-so-)secret soft side. An image Img source

Sagittarius: Australian Shepard

Sagittariuses are the life of the party, much like the Australian Shepard. Not only do you have a high amount of energy, but you're extremely intelligent and social. You genuinely thrive on companionship, so everyone needs to miss you with that small talk bullsh*t. An image Img source

Capricorn: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Capricorns, like Rhodesian Ridgebacks, are loyal, dignified, and strong willed. You're unique, but don't like to flaunt it. You can always count on a Rhodesian Ridgeback OR a Capricorn to keep your secrets and have your back. An image Img source

Aquarius: Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is very smart, but not an easy dog to train. In a similar vein, An Aquarius like you is likely independent and original. You don't plan on listening to the advice of others, because you don't think you need it. And, you may not be wrong! An image Img source

Pisces: St. Bernard

Pisces are friendly, gentle, and loyal, just like the super fluffy St. Bernard. A Pisces like you is probably a very loving friend who will fiercely protect those you love when necessary (even though you prefer it to not be necessary). An image Img source

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