Festival fashion breakdown for guys


Festivals are tricky. You want to be comfortable and look good, but you don’t want to look like you’re going to the gym or out to a bar. You have to worry about unbearable heat and blinding sun during the day, cold temps in the evening, possible rain, mud, dirt, and wind. Dressing for a weekend in the desert, or a park, or an asphalt parking lot is not easy but let’s try to simplify things for you. Below are some simple tips and how to use your UNiDAYS perks to get there.

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Bring a raincoat

You won’t need much for outerwear, most likely, but just in case go with something that is both incredibly practical and has some personality. RAINS is a Danish brand that specializes in the coolest raincoats I've ever seen, and one of the best I've ever owned. The bright yellow means you’ll stand out in a crowd full of garbage bag ponchos and unseasonably heavy parkas.

Raincoat & Hat

ASOS Urban Outfitters

Hats are important

Covering your head is incredibly helpful here, but the reason your mom tells you to do it is the best one. Keep your head covered, prevent sunburn and post-sunburn dandruff. You don’t want to spend the rest of the semester looking like you topped yourself off with powdered sugar on the way out the door.

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Use Sunscreen, for God’s sake

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times more, Sunscreen is the most important thing you need. Besides pants, but we’ll get there.

Sunscreen & Flops Pharmapacks Hari Mari

Wear the right Flip-Flops

Some Flip-Flops, for lack of a better word, suck. There’s no grip, the break immediately, and they’re not actually comfortable. These by Hari Mari do not suck.

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Comfy Sneakers are ideal

There is such a thing as a summer sneaker, don’t play with me that a leather shoe or combat boots are great all year ‘round, while my feet melt away. Lightweight canvas shoes with comfortable soles are crucial to surviving festival season, and these cool TOMS shoes are some of the best you can go with.

An image Toms Rag and Bone

Bring something warm(ish), just in case

For when the sun goes down and you begin regretting jean shorts and a muscle T. This goes with everything you’ll bring and has some personality despite the black color. A good cotton sweatshirt will serve you well from now all the way to the winter, which makes it worth the price.

Keep your hands free and your back cool

I’ve sung the praises of Herschel bags before, and their Little America backpack is no different. incredibly functional, comfortable to wear, and looks pretty great. I love the army green color, personally.

Jeans and Bag Azalea Levis

Bring one pair of jeans

You may not use them, but if you don’t bring a pair of long pants then you’ll definitely wish you had. I’m not sure how that works, but it’s always true. Anyway, these Levi’s are pretty cool and already discounted and that’s kind of nice, right?

Cool prints will get you noticed

Listen to me: Camo 👏 Floral 👏 Goes 👏 With 👏 EVERYTHING. I’m being completely serious.These shorts are a statement item, but one that’s pretty easy to pull off. Keep it incredibly simple on top OR find a matching floral print and go all out. Either way, it’s a statement that you won’t regret making.

An image ASOS Original Penguin

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Under there!

Last but not least, remember to put some thought into what’s going underneath your clothes at the festival. Wearing loose boxers (or nothing) is a terrible idea for obvious reasons. You need something breathable that’ll keep everything where it’s supposed to be. These Original Penguin boxer-briefs will do just that, with a fun pattern you won’t be ashamed to be seen in.

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